Vol 1, No 1 (2022)

DOI: https://doi.org/10.26789/ijest.v1i1

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Maoli Shao


With the development and progress of education, kindergarten education has received widespread attention. In the process of kindergarten education and teaching, game teaching can fully match the physical and mental development of children. But for now, most of the performance game activities cannot achieve the educational goals, mainly because the content of the performance games and related preparations cannot fully meet the needs of early childhood education, so this paper analyzes the existing problems in time and correct the teaching mode. Optimize and improve.

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Yu Wang, Lijuan Yang


As the initial stage of primary school students' contact with sports, it plays a vital role in cultivating and developing students' sports ability, forming good habits of sports and sports learning, and establishing students' lifelong sports consciousness. Through the contract teaching mode, the interaction between teachers and students in the classroom can be improved, students' subjectivity can be brought into play, students' learning initiative can be improved, teachers can play a leading role in classroom teaching, guide and help students in learning, and promote students' "effective learning". While improving the efficiency of classroom learning, it can also improve students' enthusiasm for participating in sports and enjoy the fun of sports.

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Yuanhui Yang, Qing Wu, Juling Zhang


The original family has a profound influence on the psychological development of college students and often causes the occurrence of sudden psychological crisis. Revolves around college counselors work case analysis, this paper elaborated the crisis event of emergency disposal process, disposal to achieve rapid response, the spot, continuous care and love company, progressive, professional guidance, risk assessment, parent-school produced, the final summary and analysis of work, to establish the students under the influence of the native family sudden psychological crisis handling mechanism, Lay the foundation for the future work, accumulate experience, do a good job in the growth of students, warm-hearted people and guide, conscientious, around students, care for students, with great love to care for the growth of students.

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Xiaojiao Ao


Children’s learning habits are of great importance in contemporary education, and there are many reasons that affect children’s learning habits, such as society, school, and family. For children, family is the most contacted and has the most profound impact. The influence of children's learning habits cannot be ignored. This paper uses the method of literature analysis and questionnaire to conduct in-depth research on the impact of family education on children's learning habits. The questionnaire mainly takes Baikang Primary School as an example to explore the current situation of children's common learning habits, find problems, and analyze the causes of family education problems. In view of these reasons, some strategies are preset for parents. This article mainly hopes to provide some reference and thinking for parents, to increase the attention to children's learning habits, to change their educational attitudes, to attach importance to family education and to face up to its importance to children's learning habits.

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Ye Mei


Vocational education as a type of education has opened a golden age of high-quality development.The mission and goal of vocational colleges is to cultivate high-quality skilled talents for the practice of China's socialist construction, and their own growth depends on the specific social stage and social conditions. This paper expounds the era characteristics and elements of vocational education, and studies the prominent problems in the governance of vocational colleges. It is in line with the basic principles of historical materialism and dialectical materialism to use the ecosystem theory to improve the governance ability of Vocational Colleges and construct a scientific governance system. Specific considerations are: (1) accurate cognition: accurately grasp the connotation and development demands of vocational education quality; (2) careful planning: create scientific school-based governance charter to drive planning realization; (3) accurate aggregation: accumulate multiple subjects to realize the linkage development of higher vocational education; (4) fine operation and maintenance: platform thinking to promote the "three education reform" to take root; (5) fine Governance: block Chain technology constructs a new ecology of higher vocational education.

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Xue Chang


In recent years, the employment pressure of college graduates in my country has continued to increase, and many medical school graduates are facing an increasingly severe unemployment crisis. In order to fully solve the problem and current situation of medical students' employment, many medical schools are trying The promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship education aims to effectively promote employment in this way. However, the innovation and entrepreneurship education carried out by many medical schools lacks sufficient practicality, and simply starts from the transmission of theoretical knowledge, which leads to the lack of innovation and entrepreneurship education. It is difficult to achieve effective support for students' growth. If you want to help medical students to apply the professional knowledge they have learned to complete entrepreneurship more efficiently, it is necessary to continue to promote the comprehensive integration of medical professional education and innovation and entrepreneurship education, and find a new educational path through this method. This article will focus on analyzing and discussing the current situation and development path of innovation and entrepreneurship education for medical students in colleges and universities, in order to provide reference and reference for relevant units.

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Zhiyuan Sun


Curriculum ideological and political education is a key element in the construction of high-quality higher education. Promoting the penetration of ideological and political education in multiple disciplines can not only deepen the connotation of subject teaching, but also cultivate students' good ideological and moral literacy. The construction of ideological and political education in public music courses, integrating the core elements of ideological and political education into public music courses, expanding and extending the connotation of public music courses, and continuing to play the role of ideological and political education in educating people play an important role in improving the quality of public music courses. Based on this, this paper studies the ideological and political methods of building public music courses in colleges and universities, hoping to promote the development of higher education in my country.

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Yue Liu


"To Live" is often regarded as one of Yu Hua's iconic works from the avant-garde to the realistic tradition. Strictly speaking, "To Live" inherits some characteristics of avant-garde literature on the basis of realism: under the domination of the principle of realism, although the avant-garde is more hidden in the text, there are still traces to follow. As a transformational work, it has received impressive responses in both the reader market and the critics, and can be called an excellent answer sheet. "To Live" is a special spiritual product born in a special era. It reflects the unique cultural temperament of the 1990s. It is Yu Hua's balance between the two styles of realism and avant-garde that makes it a classic work of an era.

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Xue Chang


Having a lofty sense of historical mission is the source of the work of ideological and political counselors, which can add a lot of connotation and profound meaning to the ideological and political education work for students. At this stage, many scholars in my country have widely recognized the important role and value of ideological and political counselors' sense of historical mission. However, due to the lack of cross-referenced theoretical research and practical exploration, it has led to the cultivation of ideological and political counselors' sense of historical mission. Still facing some problems. Under the background of the continuous and in-depth application of the concept of Morality Education, how ideological and political counselors can better determine the future work direction and process has become a problem that needs to be focused on and understood. Based on the current situation, an in-depth analysis of the ideological and political counselors The sense of historical mission of political counselors has extremely important theoretical significance and practical value. This article will take this as a precondition to find out how to focus on promoting the growth and improvement of the sense of historical mission of ideological and political counselors in the new era under the concept of morality and cultivating people.


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