A sudden psychological crisis of students under the influence of original family

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Yuanhui Yang, Qing Wu, Juling Zhang


The original family has a profound influence on the psychological development of college students and often causes the occurrence of sudden psychological crisis. Revolves around college counselors work case analysis, this paper elaborated the crisis event of emergency disposal process, disposal to achieve rapid response, the spot, continuous care and love company, progressive, professional guidance, risk assessment, parent-school produced, the final summary and analysis of work, to establish the students under the influence of the native family sudden psychological crisis handling mechanism, Lay the foundation for the future work, accumulate experience, do a good job in the growth of students, warm-hearted people and guide, conscientious, around students, care for students, with great love to care for the growth of students.


Original family; sudden psychological crisis; counselor; case analysis

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26789/ijest.v1i1.1507


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