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Urban Development Scientific Publishing Pte. Ltd. (UDS Publishing) was founded in Singapore in 2017. With Branch Office located in Beijing, UDS publishing provides an international, pluralistic and globally viewpoint to focus on all related topics among urban construction and developing issues. At this moment, UDS Publishing operate six journals in urban construction category which acquired from Whioce (founded in 2014), Piscomed(founded in 2015) and Universe Publishing(founded in 2011), including: Journal of Smart Cities, Journal of Sustainable Urbanization, Planning and Progress, Applied Environmental Biotechnology, World Construction, International Journal of Geography and Advances in Material Science.

UDS publishing pays close attention to both depth and width knowledge of the Urban R&D. It focuses on from fundamental areas to cutting-edge topics, from basic construction groundwork to topical issues such as smart cities and sustainable urbanizations, and moreover, geography and material science applied in Constructions.

UDS publishing is not only pursuing theoretical meanings of journals, but also need the journal possesses practical meanings, with certain applicability and guidance significance to realistic urban development processes.

We conclude ourselves as three identifies:

Information provider

Relying on all the journals with high quality articles, superlative EBM and excellent authors, UDS publishing is also a database including scholars and theories related to construction industry. We can publish, organize and disseminate the information in the forefront, becoming a helpful instrument to researchers.       

Knowledge servicer

The essence target of UDS Publishing is knowledge servicer. We will give service to not only the scholars who are creating, passing and obtain knowledge, but also knowledge itself.     

Academic partner

As a professional academic publisher, UDS publishing will handle all its work from scholars point of view. We will concentrate on scholars and scholarships, publishing high quality academic articles, offering assistance, holding conference and providing a communication and information sharing platform for all scholars. We will make efforts to become a trustworthy academic partner.   


 Our Philosophy

Providing valuable information to urban developing related scholars to become an influential highly recognized global academic communication platform.

新加坡城市发展科学出版社(Urban Development Scientific Publishing Pte. Ltd.), 于2017年成立于新加坡,并在北京设立办公室。本出版社以国际化、多元化和全球化的视角,着眼于学科知识的深度和广度,从基础领域到前沿话题,重点关注城市建设和发展领域的相关内容。不仅追求研究的理论意义,而且需要对现实的城市发展过程具有一定的适用性和指导性,致力于为全球学者搭建交流平台,成为他们的信息提供者、知识服务者和学术伙伴。

目前旗下拥有六本英文期刊,分别是Journal of Smart Cities(智慧城市)、Journal of Sustainable Urbanization, Planning and Progress(可持续城镇化规划与进展)Applied Environmental Biotechnology(应用环境生物技术)World Construction(世界建筑)International Journal of Geography(国际地质学)Advances in Material Science(材料科学前沿)

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