Exploration on the current situation and develop-ment path of innovation and entrepreneurship education for medical students in colleges and universities

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Xue Chang


In recent years, the employment pressure of college graduates in my country has continued to increase, and many medical school graduates are facing an increasingly severe unemployment crisis. In order to fully solve the problem and current situation of medical students' employment, many medical schools are trying The promotion of innovation and entrepreneurship education aims to effectively promote employment in this way. However, the innovation and entrepreneurship education carried out by many medical schools lacks sufficient practicality, and simply starts from the transmission of theoretical knowledge, which leads to the lack of innovation and entrepreneurship education. It is difficult to achieve effective support for students' growth. If you want to help medical students to apply the professional knowledge they have learned to complete entrepreneurship more efficiently, it is necessary to continue to promote the comprehensive integration of medical professional education and innovation and entrepreneurship education, and find a new educational path through this method. This article will focus on analyzing and discussing the current situation and development path of innovation and entrepreneurship education for medical students in colleges and universities, in order to provide reference and reference for relevant units.


College medical students; innovation and entrepreneurship; education status; development path

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26789/ijest.v1i1.1511


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