A study on the influence of family education on children's learning habits

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Xiaojiao Ao


Children’s learning habits are of great importance in contemporary education, and there are many reasons that affect children’s learning habits, such as society, school, and family. For children, family is the most contacted and has the most profound impact. The influence of children's learning habits cannot be ignored. This paper uses the method of literature analysis and questionnaire to conduct in-depth research on the impact of family education on children's learning habits. The questionnaire mainly takes Baikang Primary School as an example to explore the current situation of children's common learning habits, find problems, and analyze the causes of family education problems. In view of these reasons, some strategies are preset for parents. This article mainly hopes to provide some reference and thinking for parents, to increase the attention to children's learning habits, to change their educational attitudes, to attach importance to family education and to face up to its importance to children's learning habits.


Family education; children; study habits

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26789/ijest.v1i1.1508


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