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Advances in Material Science is fully peer-reviewed journal that dedicate in promoting the international exchange of scientific information in material science and technology for studying the relationship between structure, physicochemical properties and application of materials. It focuses on the original research paper, review article and short communication recording results or techniques which share by expert and researcher. The goal of this journal is to explores rapid-growing area of research activity ranging from metallic materials, inorganic non-metallic materials, composite materials, biological materials, nanoscience, electrical material, separation science technology and material process technology.

The article categories within the journal include (but are not limited to) the following fields:

  • Chemical Synthesis
  • Functional Material
  • Metal and Alloy
  • Modelling and Simulation in Structural Engineering
  • Catalytic and Reactive Engineering
  • Polymer Processing
  • Optical Material
  • Sensor Material
  • Porous Material
  • Material Theory
  • Thermal Property
  • Soft Matter
  • Glasses
  • Crystallography

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Vol 5, No 1 (2021)

Table of Contents


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Junmin Li


Compared with the previous self-cultivation anode electrolyzer, the current prebaked anode electrolyzer has advanced technical and economic indexes, high degree of mechanization and automation, and relatively little environmental pollution, which has achieved great development. However, the continuity of aluminum electrolysis production and the limited economic height of anode constitute two contradictory opposites. In order to solve this contradiction, the processes of replacing anode periodically, cleaning the residual electrode and electrolyte, pressing off the residual electrode and phosphorus-iron ring, crushing and grinding the residual electrode have been produced, which has increased the investment and labor cost per ton of aluminum. Moreover, when the anode is replaced, the operator can say that the working environment is harsh and dangerous directly in front of the high-temperature electrolyte, and a large amount of fluorine-containing flue gas is discharged out of order and pollutes the environment due to the opening of the slot cover plate and the placement of the high-temperature residual electrode during the anode replacement. At the same time, pole change has great interference on electrolytic production. At present, inert anodes can't be put into industrial production, and the continuous preparation anodes in Germany have high power consumption, so it is of great practical significance to perfect or improve the existing anode structure. This paper discusses how to solve this problem.

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Reling Shen


Atomic absorption spectrometry has the characteristics of very high accuracy. In order to find out the factors that affect the detection, it is necessary to analyze the silver content in copper concentrate, which is conducive to the detection of the real existence of silver and other elements in copper concentrate. This paper briefly describes the atomic absorption spectrometry method of silver in copper concentrate.

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Yuan Bin


In the specific smelting process of non-ferrous metals, hydrometallurgy technology is widely used in this field and plays an important role. Modern hydrometallurgical technology covers a wide range of fields. Except for steel, other related non-ferrous metals can be refined by this method. It has great adaptability in many fields. This article briefly introduces the pressurized hydrometallurgy technology in zinc smelting, hoping to bring some inspiration to everyone.

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Qingyu Feng


Content Sheet Tobacco Dryer is an important and key equipment in the tobacco making workshop of cigarette factory, its function is mainly to expand and dry cut tobacco, and the drying process is mainly carried out by the sheet heating plate in the drum through heat conduction, while the energy of the sheet heating plate mainly comes from the steam inside, and there is a risk of leakage through continuous operation of the sheet and its accessories, once leakage occurs, it will cause quality accidents of tobacco products, and leakage can be well prevented and eliminated through regular leakage detection.

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Xia Zhao


This method established an inductively coupled plasma emission spectrometry method to determine the contents of zirconium, niobium, iron, nickel, copper and manganese in uranium and uranium alloy through the sample pretreatment, sample weighing, dissolution method, uranium separation method, interference test between coexisting elements, precision and recovery test. This method separated the uranium matrix, and avoided the influence of uranium matrix on zirconium, niobium, iron, nickel and manganese.

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Bin Peng


Biodiesel is a fuel made from vegetable oils or waste grease. While there is a considerable body of evidence on the negative health effects of petroleum diesel exhaust exposures in occupational and urban settings, there has been little research examining the impact of biodiesel fuel on occupational and environmental exposures. This dissertation combined a collaborative exposure assessment of B20 (20% soy-based biodiesel/80% diesel) at a rural recycling center with a policy intervention to deliberate the results of this analysis and potential policy outcomes. Researchers and undergraduate students from Keene State College and employees from the City of Keene Department of Public Works quantitatively estimated diesel and biodiesel exposure profiles for particulate matter (< 2.5 microns diameter), elemental carbon, organic carbon, and nitrogen dioxide using standard occupational and environmental air monitoring methods. I collected qualitative data to examine the genesis, evolution and outcomes of the Biodiesel Working Group. Integrating analysis and deliberation led to a number of positive outcomes related to local use of B20 in nonroad engines. Particulate matter and elemental carbon concentrations were significantly reduced (60% and 22% respectively) during B20 use at the field site. Organic carbon levels were significantly higher (370%) during B20 use. Although NO2 levels were 19% higher, this increase was not statistically significant. Connecting the analysis with deliberation improved the quality of the exposure assessment, increased dissemination of the research results in the local community, and catalyzed novel policy outcomes, including the development of a unique public/private partnership to manufacture biodiesel locally from waste grease.

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Lixin Sun


Chemical industry plays an important role in China’s national economic system. The development of chemical industry is of great significance to China’s economic and social development and modernization. However, due to the various types of work and products in the chemical industry, the production process is more complex. And a large number of toxic substances are often discharged in the production process. Waste gas, waste residue and waste water will lead to environmental pollution. It is a “big polluter” in many industries. Considering the important position of chemical industry in social and economic structure and the characteristics of chemical engineering, it is bound to put forward higher requirements for chemical engineering and chemical production process. This article will briefly introduce the chemical production process in the key period of China’s industrial structure transformation, analyze the problems existing in China’s current chemical production, and put forward corresponding countermeasures in order to improve the development capacity of China’s chemical engineering and promote the healthy and sustainable development of the industry.


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