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Journal of Sustainable Urbanization, Planning and Progress (JSUPP) is a multidisciplinary journal whose research papers, opinion articles, technical notes and monographs / special issues have attracted worldwide attention. It provides a channel for expanded papers on the process of urbanization, sustainable planning techniques, and global progress in the development of sustainable cities. We welcome papers on the process of urbanization, spatial and environmental planning, sustainable practices in urban planning, and progress in the field of sustainable cities, which contribute to the scholarship on urbanization, planning and progress.


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Vol 7, No 1 (2023)

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Daoyong Kang


Airplanes are high-security modes of transportation with low failure rates. Recent airplane accidents have drawn global attention because even minor component failures can lead to serious disasters. This is primarily due to the extremely complex internal structure of airplanes, where every system and even the smallest component is equally vital. It is challenging to ensure thorough safety for every tiny component of an airplane. Consequently, various aviation accidents have occurred since the inception of airplanes. This article firstly introduces the fuel system of airplanes, then analyzes the classification and manifestations of fuel system failures, and finally selects three relatively typical fuel system failure cases for targeted analysis.

In the first part, the basic overview of airplane fuel provides a brief summary of the purpose of establishing the fuel system by introducing its functions and characteristics.

The second part introduces the fuel system and its subsystems of the ARJ21 aircraft. It also discusses the sources and hazards of airplane failures by combining the classification and characteristics of aircraft faults.

The third part is the analysis section, which analyzes two maintenance cases of airplane fuel system failures through systematic working principle analysis. It employs fault tree analysis to identify the causes of failures in maintenance cases.

The fourth part is a systematic analysis of the civil aviation electrical system based on knowledge method, including two aspects: the construction of the systematic model based on civil aviation aircraft experts and the expression and organization based on knowledge. The research is mainly carried out from three aspects: data dictionary table, rule base and case base.

The fifth part is based on fault tree method to carry out systematic analysis of civil aviation electrical system, firstly analyzes the fault tree research method, and then analyzes the system fault tree and its reliability case study.

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Xinyue Zhang


Small and medium-sized enterprises are the foundation of China's economic development, but also an important composition of the main body of the market economy. With the increasing openness of the market environment and the number of small and medium-sized enterprises gradually increasing, China has issued various policies to encourage the development of small and medium-sized enterprises, but small and medium-sized enterprises still suffer from various difficulties in financing. After the subprime crisis, small and medium-sized enterprises are significantly affected by the world financial crisis, the financing environment is deteriorating, the financing capacity continues to decline, and the financing channels are therefore limited, and many enterprises are facing bankruptcy due to the rupture of the capital chain. This paper takes Shanghai A Company as the research object, analyzes the financing status of the company, understands the problems existing in the financing strategy of A Company, and gives optimization suggestions. It hopes that Shanghai Company A Company can seize the financing opportunities, expand its own financing channels and create A high-quality financing environment.
The construction of China's investment and financing guarantee institutions began in the early 1990s. After more than ten years of development, a new financing guarantee system for small and medium-sized enterprises in China has been formed, with policy guarantee organizations as the leading role and commercial and social mutual guarantee organizations as the two wings. The development of investment and financing guarantee industry has achieved important results on promoting the establishment of China's credit management system, solving the difficulties of investment and financing of banks, and reducing the risks of bank credit operation. It has become the main means for other financial institutions to support loans to China. At the same time, due to the special strategic position of domestic financial institutions in the economic and social development, the solution to the financing operation risk of domestic financial institutions is not only a problem of economic benefit, but also a kind of social development research. The good and bad prospects of the domestic market have a direct impact on the development of the national economy and the people, and for financial institutions, the proposal of financing operation risk is a difficult problem. Therefore, the research on the financing questions of financial institutions is of great significance.

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Qinjun Sun, Xiulai Wang


Bay area is a regional economic concept evolved from geographical concepts. Bay area economy features an open economic structure, efficient resource allocation capabilities, strong agglomeration and spillover functions, and a well-developed international communication network. It plays a core role in leading innovation and attracting radiation, serving as an important growth pole driving global economic development. Based on summarizing the formation, development, and competitive advantages of bay area economies worldwide, this paper points out the purpose and significance of the concept of "Beijing Bay" proposed under the perspective of coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region. It also analyzes the path choices for enhancing the vitality of the Beijing Bay urban agglomeration.

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Yufeng Xie


What are the effects of skyscrapers on people? This paper provides clarity on the direction of the research on the subject. The research explores the macro and detailed effects of three types of skyscrapers on people. In addition, learning new thinking from the literature and argued. The three skyscrapers are explained in terms of their exterior, interior and surrounding areas to explain their psychological and physiological effects on people. In the second half of the article, some information collected using the questionnaire and the interviews. That information is for complete the study.

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Caihong Hao


Sex control technology can speed up the breeding speed of good breeding animals, effectively release the reproductive potential of female animals, and provide female animals for dairy animals and female animals for meat. Animals provide the male livestock. Isolating male animal semen can not only improve the offspring quality but also the reproductive efficiency. Animal sex control semen separation, as an important part of animal genetic breeding, has an important role in the development of animal husbandry. This paper reviews the progress of flow cytometry semen separation and semen purity evaluation methods to provide a reference for the exploration of new methods.


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