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International Education Science and Theory (eISSN:2811-0137) is an open access education theory publication published by Singapore Urban Development Science Publishing. This journal is a comprehensive educational publication with a wide selection of articles, including columns on preschool education, subject teaching, educational psychology, teacher development, educational innovation, and educational literature. This journal aims to promote the development of international education and science, emphasizing the originality, scientificity, and cutting-edge nature of article research, and providing an international exchange and cooperation platform for experts and scholars in the field of education around the world. Welcome scholars and authors to actively submit articles to us.


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Vol 2, No 2 (2023)

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Yujie Li


The Music Curriculum Standards for the Compulsory Educational stage (2022) stipulates that the core quality of music discipline mainly includes four aspects: aesthetic perception, artistic expression, cultural understanding, and creative practice. In the teaching process of high school music classrooms, more emphasis is placed on the cultivation of core competencies. In middle school music teaching, teachers should start from their core competencies, combine with the actual situation of music teaching, create a music teaching atmosphere, stimulate students' interest in music, and enable them to experience the artistic charm of music in the music classroom. To achieve this, teachers need to explore teaching methods from an innovative perspective and adopt advanced teaching methods to cultivate students' innovative abilities. To cultivate students' innovative abilities in the classroom, teachers need to change their teaching methods and concepts.

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Ziwei Gong


As a form of musical expression, vocal music mainly shows the emotions to be expressed when singing songs by training pronunciation skills. Therefore, the psychological factors and emotional expression behind the singing skills play a key role in the complete performance of the song. For vocal singing, it is not enough to have a beautiful sound. It is also necessary to add strong inner emotions to the beating notes, and at the same time have good psychological coordination ability. Only in this way can the singing be performed vividly and vividly. In addition to the psychological state, there are also vocal state, breathing state, etc. The state of various organs of the human body when singing will affect the accuracy and completeness of the sound when singing, and will also affect people's most sincere and natural feelings.

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Jiancheng Liu


For students in vocational schools, their performance in chemistry study in junior high school is generally not ideal, and they attach little importance to chemistry in junior high school. Even some students think that it is useless to learn chemistry and do not want to spend time on this subject. However, the current psychological pressure of vocational school students is generally large, which leads to their low enthusiasm and initiative in chemistry learning in junior high school, which seriously affects the quality and effectiveness of chemistry teaching. Therefore, the chemistry teachers in vocational schools need to improve the teaching quality through a series of effective measures, so as to enhance the students' interest in learning this subject.

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Yaxiong Xie


The men's 1000-meter and women's 800-meter running are the compulsory items in the national physical health test for students.Also are huge problems for middle school students.Students are not interest in with the worse practice effect. It not only affects their sports results, but also does not help them develop good exercise habits and achieve a healthy development.Based on this,we collected the the related research in recent years which include physiology, training, psychology and Evaluation Index.Try to find a positive and effective way to improve the performance of the middle school men's 1000-meter/women's 800-meter race.

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Yuxin Zheng, Qian Zhang, Haihua Liu, Hui Ruan, Liang Zhang


Principles of Steam Turbine is the core course for energy and power engineering majors. Combining the "industry-oriented, local and application-oriented" school-running orientation of Xi 'an Aeronautical University of our University, according to the characteristics and ability quality requirements of talents training for energy and power engineering majors, and centering on the three-pronged curriculum construction goal of "thought guidance, knowledge imparting and ability improvement", the moral connotation and elements of the course are deeply explored. In ideological and political education, the education of three views, the Chinese dream, and the education of socialist core values are related to the professional values, professional ethics, and professional spirit in the Steam turbine principle course, so that students can accept the influence of mainstream values and strive to achieve the talent training goal of "global vision, family and country feelings, innovative spirit, and professional quality". To form a teaching pattern of professional basic courses and ideological and political theory courses closely combined with the same direction.

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Shaoqian Du


After junior high school students enter high school, the learning burden of students increases, the difficulty of the course increases, and the pressure of high school students increases, and the pressure sources are many aspects such as study, examinations, competition among classmates, and family. How to help high school students de-stress is a topic worth exploring. With the advancement of educational reform, art classroom teaching is more diversified, art and psychology are related in many fields, in psychotherapy, one of the art treatment methods is coloring and decompression, so through the opening of the art course "Secret Garden" coloring decompression club, high school students accompanied by relaxed music, through the way of happy painting to release pressure. The effective combination of art and psychology can comprehensively improve students' core literacy, educate and entertain, release pressure while learning art knowledge, and guide students to face high school study and life positively and optimistically.

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Ruqin Zha


This paper discusses the case teaching strategy of econometrics based on the training of applied talents. Firstly, this paper analyzes the problems existing in case teaching of econometrics, including single teaching method, weak practice teaching link and insufficient teaching resources. Then, it puts forward the idea of case teaching of econometrics based on the training of applied talents, that is, case as the carrier, student as the main body, practice as the orientation, application as the goal, strengthen students' understanding and mastery of econometrics, improve students' practical operation ability and problem-solving ability. Finally, the article puts forward the econometrics case teaching strategy based on the training of applied talents. Through this study, we hope to provide theoretical reference and practical reference for econometrics case teaching.

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Zhaoyang Ye


With the development of the Internet, the network security problem has become more and more the focus of people's attention, in a variety of network security incidents, netizens generally believe that the weak awareness of network security is the most important reason. According to the results of the network security awareness survey, most netizens are very worried and distrust their own network security awareness. This also means that strengthening the awareness of Internet users' network security has become an important task facing the current Chinese society. This paper analyzes the current situation of the network security awareness of Internet users in China, and puts forward some suggestions on how to improve their network security awareness.


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