Construction of Governance Capacity in Vocational Colleges Based on Ecosystem Theory

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Ye Mei


Vocational education as a type of education has opened a golden age of high-quality development.The mission and goal of vocational colleges is to cultivate high-quality skilled talents for the practice of China's socialist construction, and their own growth depends on the specific social stage and social conditions. This paper expounds the era characteristics and elements of vocational education, and studies the prominent problems in the governance of vocational colleges. It is in line with the basic principles of historical materialism and dialectical materialism to use the ecosystem theory to improve the governance ability of Vocational Colleges and construct a scientific governance system. Specific considerations are: (1) accurate cognition: accurately grasp the connotation and development demands of vocational education quality; (2) careful planning: create scientific school-based governance charter to drive planning realization; (3) accurate aggregation: accumulate multiple subjects to realize the linkage development of higher vocational education; (4) fine operation and maintenance: platform thinking to promote the "three education reform" to take root; (5) fine Governance: block Chain technology constructs a new ecology of higher vocational education.


Vocational education; ecosystem theory; modern governance system; governance ability; education ecology; blockchain education

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