Vol 3, No 1 (2024)

DOI: https://doi.org/10.26789/ijest.v1i3

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He Zhang, Bai suyalatu


The Balhu tribe in Hulunbuir has a long history and is unique, highly favored by tourists. The integration of culture and tourism is not only conducive to strengthening the sense of community of the Chinese nation, but also has a certain promoting effect on the local development of Hulunbuir. It fully leverages the role of macroeconomic management, stimulates the research strength of local higher education, guides local vocational colleges to improve the training of professional talents, and ensures their sustained and positive development.

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Zhongxiang Zhao


With the acceleration of globalisation, the international status of the Chinese language has become more and more prominent, attracting the attention of learners from all over the world. However, there are challenges and reflections on the traditional methods of Chinese language teaching and learning, which are often difficult to meet the increasingly diversified learning needs, especially in the development of learners' pragmatic language skills and cross-cultural communication skills. As a multimedia resource combining visual and auditory elements, Chinese documentaries provide new perspectives and motivation for international Chinese language education. Through the introduction of real-life scenarios, diversified cultural backgrounds and rich linguistic environments, Chinese documentaries show significant advantages in language learning, cultural comprehension, listening training, improvement of pragmatic competence, and stimulation of motivation for learning, etc. We will explore the effectiveness and potential application of Chinese documentaries in international Chinese language education by means of in-depth comparative studies and detailed case analyses. Through in-depth comparative research and detailed case analysis, the effectiveness and potential value of Chinese documentary films in international Chinese language education will be explored, aiming to provide theoretical basis and practical guidance for the innovative development of Chinese language education.

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Yingan Cui, Hui Xia, Hui Liu, Xue Li


The improvement of software engineering practical ability has always been the focus and difficulty in the teaching process of the Software Engineering course. In recent years, the course team has introduced the Scrum agile model to promote students to carry out iterative development, and established the learning mode of Sprint continuous improvement. Students' learning interest, software development ability, and teamwork ability have been significantly improved, which has gained a good application effect in undergraduate teaching and comprehensively improved students' learning output. Our practice shows that undergraduates' software engineering ability can be improved more efficiently only by following the principle of asymptotic approach, linear learning model is not the best practice, and iterative process and continuous improvement have better results.

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Junfeng Shi


Dedicated to in-depth analysis of the complexity and uniqueness of discourse interaction in crosscultural communication environments, the study focuses on exploring the patterns of discourse exchange between individuals in different cultural contexts, key influencing factors and how these factors work together to achieve crosscultural understanding and communication, and reveals the core mechanisms for achieving effective cross-cultural communication by comprehensively analysing the specific influences of cultural differences, discursive power structures and situational contexts on discourse interactions. The core mechanism of effective intercultural communication is revealed. The results of the study emphasise that a deep understanding of cultural differences, knowledge of discourse power structures and a sensitive grasp of communication contexts play a crucial role in promoting in-depth communication and understanding between individuals in different cultural contexts, and further point out that the quality and efficiency of cross-cultural communication can be significantly improved by optimising the discourse interaction strategies, thus promoting cultural integration and mutual understanding on a global scale. The conclusions of the study provide new perspectives and in-depth insights for practical and theoretical research in the field of intercultural communication.

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Jie Li, Qidong Gao, Rui Ren


Training students' mechanical thinking and improving students' practical ability are the main teaching objectives of applied undergraduate engineering mechanics. At present, the traditional teaching mode has the problems of monotonous teaching content, low teaching efficiency and low participation of students. Therefore, it is urgent to find a new way of curriculum reform to improve the teaching quality. In this paper, a student-centered constructive teaching model is adopted to stimulate students' interest in learning by means of scene creation, teaching task setting, cooperation, case base construction and extra-curricular reading. The practice shows that the average score of the students using the constructive teaching mode have increased by 6.81 points compared with the previous one. Students' satisfaction with the class reached 96%, achieving the teaching goal of cultivating students' interest in engineering mechanics.

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Jianyun Zhang


With the accelerated development of globalization, cross-cultural communication has become an indispensable part of daily life and international business. In this context, enhancing cross-cultural communication ability is not only a need for individuals and organizations to adapt to multicultural environments, but also a key to promoting international understanding and cooperation. We are committed to exploring ways to enhance cross-cultural communication ability based on cultural fields. Through a detailed analysis of the dynamic interactions within cultural fields and the exploration of how these interactions affect cross-cultural understanding and communication, we aim to propose effective strategies for enhancing cross-cultural communication ability. We emphasize the importance of deep understanding and respecting cultural characteristics and values in different cultural fields, and believe that this is the key to improving cross-cultural communication effectiveness. By enhancing cultural sensitivity, improving cultural adaptation ability, and adopting effective methods, we aim to propose effective strategies for enhancing crosscultural communication ability. Communication strategies can significantly enhance the cross-cultural communication capabilities of individuals and organizations, thereby better responding to the challenges and opportunities brought about by globalization. The findings of this study provide theoretical guidance and application frameworks for cross-cultural communication practices, This provides new perspectives and methods for promoting more effective communication and exchange in a multicultural context.

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Meiyuan Yang


This paper focuses on how the immersive teaching model affects the career development trajectory of international Chinese language teachers, and aims to deeply analyze the specific impact of the teaching model on teachers' teaching strategies, role positioning, professional competence, cross-cultural communication skills and selfawareness renewal in the practical application process. Through a comprehensive evaluation of the characteristics of the immersive teaching environment, it reveals how teachers of Chinese as a foreign language experience the transformation of professional roles, the improvement of professional skills, and the enhancement of cross-cultural understanding in such environments. It also highlights how teachers can promote the renewal of their personal teaching philosophy and the reshaping of their professional identity through continuous self-reflection and evaluation in the process of immersion teaching. The results highlight that immersion not only provides teachers with a rich and diverse teaching environment, prompting them to explore and apply new strategies in teaching practice, but also puts forward new perspectives and requirements for teachers' long-term professional development. Through this model, teachers are able to contribute more effectively to the development of learners' language skills, while also opening up new avenues for their own professional growth.

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Jinzhao Kong


In the vast field of international Chinese language education, the teaching of phonetics occupies a crucial position. Chinese, as a tonal language, the accuracy and fluency of its phonology is crucial for learners. However, traditional teaching methods such as guided reading, demonstrations and moving pictures, while effective, often struggle to stimulate students' interest and engagement. Tongue twisters, as a unique form of language practice that is highly interesting and challenging, can well compensate for this deficiency. This paper firstly introduces the characteristics of tongue twisters and the reasons for choosing tongue twisters, secondly explores the learners' difficulties in learning Chinese phonetics, and finally puts forward the suggestions for the application of tongue twisters in the teaching of basic sounds and rhymes of Chinese phonetics, with a view to providing references to the teaching practice of international Chinese language education.

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Xiaohan Lv


The purpose of this paper is to analyze the employment outlook for undergraduate nursing students, which is an important topic. Firstly, this paper uses data to outline the current situation of nursing students' employment scenario. Secondly, this paper analyzes the factors affecting the brain drain of undergraduate nursing students, including their own characteristics, interests, social environment, the treatment of wages, work aspirations and other influencing factors. Finally, this paper puts forward relevant suggestions for the above influencing factors, including improving one's own professionalism, cultivating interests, exploring the depth of nursing education, highlighting the characteristics of the nursing profession and work, improving and highlighting the service scope of the nursing profession, perfecting the division of nursing grades, improving the treatment of nursing workers, and improving the aspects of nursing legislation. Therefore, this paper argues that effective measures should be taken to promote the quality of domestic medical services and to realize health for all.

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Ji-ying Wei


This article delves into the diversified development of military physical education courses. Firstly, it explores the importance and development trend of military physical education courses, including the significance of national defense sports in cultivating patriotism and collectivism among young people, the innovative development of national defense education in universities, and the reform and development of military physical education course content. Secondly, it analyzes the practice and challenges of military physical education courses, including the impact of sports training plans on the physical health of military personnel, the definition, professional characteristics, preparation and obstacles in practice of sports training in military environments, and the problems and solutions in the practice of military physical education courses. Finally, it discusses the diversity and advantages of military physical education courses, including the diversity in China and its partner armies, and the new ideas provided by diversity for the diversified development of military physical education courses.


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