Analysis and recommendations on the employment situation of undergraduate nursing students

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Xiaohan Lv


The purpose of this paper is to analyze the employment outlook for undergraduate nursing students, which is an important topic. Firstly, this paper uses data to outline the current situation of nursing students' employment scenario. Secondly, this paper analyzes the factors affecting the brain drain of undergraduate nursing students, including their own characteristics, interests, social environment, the treatment of wages, work aspirations and other influencing factors. Finally, this paper puts forward relevant suggestions for the above influencing factors, including improving one's own professionalism, cultivating interests, exploring the depth of nursing education, highlighting the characteristics of the nursing profession and work, improving and highlighting the service scope of the nursing profession, perfecting the division of nursing grades, improving the treatment of nursing workers, and improving the aspects of nursing legislation. Therefore, this paper argues that effective measures should be taken to promote the quality of domestic medical services and to realize health for all.


Nursing undergraduate students; Current employment situation; Nursing talent drain; Suggestion

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