Research on the Curriculum Reform of Applied Undergraduate Engineering Mechanics Based on Constructivism

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Jie Li, Qidong Gao, Rui Ren


Training students' mechanical thinking and improving students' practical ability are the main teaching objectives of applied undergraduate engineering mechanics. At present, the traditional teaching mode has the problems of monotonous teaching content, low teaching efficiency and low participation of students. Therefore, it is urgent to find a new way of curriculum reform to improve the teaching quality. In this paper, a student-centered constructive teaching model is adopted to stimulate students' interest in learning by means of scene creation, teaching task setting, cooperation, case base construction and extra-curricular reading. The practice shows that the average score of the students using the constructive teaching mode have increased by 6.81 points compared with the previous one. Students' satisfaction with the class reached 96%, achieving the teaching goal of cultivating students' interest in engineering mechanics.


Application-oriented undergraduate; Curriculum reform; Teaching mode; Design and practice; Engineering mechanics

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