Research on the Development of International Chinese Language Teachers under the Immersion Teaching Model

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Meiyuan Yang


This paper focuses on how the immersive teaching model affects the career development trajectory of international Chinese language teachers, and aims to deeply analyze the specific impact of the teaching model on teachers' teaching strategies, role positioning, professional competence, cross-cultural communication skills and selfawareness renewal in the practical application process. Through a comprehensive evaluation of the characteristics of the immersive teaching environment, it reveals how teachers of Chinese as a foreign language experience the transformation of professional roles, the improvement of professional skills, and the enhancement of cross-cultural understanding in such environments. It also highlights how teachers can promote the renewal of their personal teaching philosophy and the reshaping of their professional identity through continuous self-reflection and evaluation in the process of immersion teaching. The results highlight that immersion not only provides teachers with a rich and diverse teaching environment, prompting them to explore and apply new strategies in teaching practice, but also puts forward new perspectives and requirements for teachers' long-term professional development. Through this model, teachers are able to contribute more effectively to the development of learners' language skills, while also opening up new avenues for their own professional growth.


Immersion teaching; Second language; Professional development; Intercultural communication; Teaching strategies

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