Exploration of Scrum-based Software Engineering Practice Teaching

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Yingan Cui, Hui Xia, Hui Liu, Xue Li


The improvement of software engineering practical ability has always been the focus and difficulty in the teaching process of the Software Engineering course. In recent years, the course team has introduced the Scrum agile model to promote students to carry out iterative development, and established the learning mode of Sprint continuous improvement. Students' learning interest, software development ability, and teamwork ability have been significantly improved, which has gained a good application effect in undergraduate teaching and comprehensively improved students' learning output. Our practice shows that undergraduates' software engineering ability can be improved more efficiently only by following the principle of asymptotic approach, linear learning model is not the best practice, and iterative process and continuous improvement have better results.


Software engineering; Practical education

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26789/ijest.v3i1.1833


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