Analysis of the Advantages of Chinese Documentary Films Applied in International Chinese Language Education

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Zhongxiang Zhao


With the acceleration of globalisation, the international status of the Chinese language has become more and more prominent, attracting the attention of learners from all over the world. However, there are challenges and reflections on the traditional methods of Chinese language teaching and learning, which are often difficult to meet the increasingly diversified learning needs, especially in the development of learners' pragmatic language skills and cross-cultural communication skills. As a multimedia resource combining visual and auditory elements, Chinese documentaries provide new perspectives and motivation for international Chinese language education. Through the introduction of real-life scenarios, diversified cultural backgrounds and rich linguistic environments, Chinese documentaries show significant advantages in language learning, cultural comprehension, listening training, improvement of pragmatic competence, and stimulation of motivation for learning, etc. We will explore the effectiveness and potential application of Chinese documentaries in international Chinese language education by means of in-depth comparative studies and detailed case analyses. Through in-depth comparative research and detailed case analysis, the effectiveness and potential value of Chinese documentary films in international Chinese language education will be explored, aiming to provide theoretical basis and practical guidance for the innovative development of Chinese language education.


Chinese language documentaries; International Chinese language education

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