Vol 7, No 1 (2022)

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Xiaomin Wang, Zenaida T. Estil


As an indispensable accessory in clothing, the quality of buttons will directly affect the sales of clothing.This research aims to realize the button defect detection system based on YOLO algorithm. After the implementation of the system, it is only need to collect a batch of button sample images, train the model, transmit it to the system, and call the button defect system, and the system will automatically identify the defects in the button. The use of button defect detection system can greatly reduce the labor force and detection error rate.

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Weiwen Cai


Gentrification is defined as "a reflection of broader political, economic processes that result in the unequal and uneven production of urbanising space (Shin and Lopez-Morales, 2018)". It is one of the most ignored yet significant and socially inequitable urban processes of the 21st century. Following the present literature review, policymakers, planners, corporations, designers, and citizens will fully comprehend the social and economic outcomes of gentrification. In the present paper, the similarities, differences, and processes of gentrification from the Global North to the Global South are explored, with an emphasis on aesthetics gentrification caused in recent decades, such as design-led and technology-led displacement. Furthermore, the need for immediate attention from developing countries, in which displacement and social injustice have developed but have been hidden behind rapid urbanisation and rural revival is discussed.

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Xingxing Yi


The rapid development of information technology makes the application of computer and network technology in office system more and more widely, which not only promotes the realization and development of office automation, but also reduces people's work burden. With the continuous improvement of enterprise information management requirements, a new workflow office system appears in the process of information management, which plays an important role in enterprise information management. By discussing the meaning and development history of office automation, this paper analyzes the application status of workflow office system in the process of enterprise information management, and takes Shenzhen chinasoft International Company as an example to conduct empirical research and analysis on the process and effect of workflow system application in small and medium-sized enterprises.

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Xiaochu Wang, Biyou Jiang


The rapid development of today's society has led to the development of the construction industry. In order to improve the quality of engineering projects, it is necessary to continuously optimize the construction project management methods and deal with various problems arising from construction projects in a timely and efficient manner, so the use of information technology can be a good solution to this problem. In this paper, we explain the importance of construction engineering management methods in the information age, and then analyze the dilemmas faced by construction engineering management: lack of professionals, imperfect engineering management system, and lack of sufficient supervision of construction projects. Finally, we put forward suggestions to improve the informationization of construction engineering management methods: clarify the goal of engineering management, improve the level of informationization of engineering management methods, create a comprehensive processing platform for information management, and establish a high-level management team, in order to be able to promote the construction industry can be stable development.

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Biyou Jiang, Xiaochu Wang


Rapid socio-economic development, promoting the development of the construction industry. Companies want to stand out from the fierce market competition, must strengthen the cost control of construction projects. This paper elaborates the importance of cost control of engineering construction projects, and then proposes that the dilemmas faced by cost control management of engineering construction projects are: inadequate market research of raw materials, lack of high-quality cost management talents, imperfect cost management system, neglected cost management work, lack of supervision and regulation of cost management work, and finally proposes that the cost control strategies in the process of engineering project construction include clarifying the cost control objectives of engineering cost, cultivating professional cost control talents, deepening the innovative cost management system, increasing the supervision and regulation of cost of the whole process of engineering, and ensuring the reasonableness of the cost budget plan. We hope to further promote construction companies' attention to cost control of engineering price construction projects.


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