Environment, Aesthetics, Technology, and Gentrification from Global North to Global South: An Integrated Review of Literature

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Weiwen Cai


Gentrification is defined as "a reflection of broader political, economic processes that result in the unequal and uneven production of urbanising space (Shin and Lopez-Morales, 2018)". It is one of the most ignored yet significant and socially inequitable urban processes of the 21st century. Following the present literature review, policymakers, planners, corporations, designers, and citizens will fully comprehend the social and economic outcomes of gentrification. In the present paper, the similarities, differences, and processes of gentrification from the Global North to the Global South are explored, with an emphasis on aesthetics gentrification caused in recent decades, such as design-led and technology-led displacement. Furthermore, the need for immediate attention from developing countries, in which displacement and social injustice have developed but have been hidden behind rapid urbanisation and rural revival is discussed.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26789/JSC.2022.01.002


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