Application of Construction Engineering Management Methods Under the Background of Information Technology

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Xiaochu Wang, Biyou Jiang


The rapid development of today's society has led to the development of the construction industry. In order to improve the quality of engineering projects, it is necessary to continuously optimize the construction project management methods and deal with various problems arising from construction projects in a timely and efficient manner, so the use of information technology can be a good solution to this problem. In this paper, we explain the importance of construction engineering management methods in the information age, and then analyze the dilemmas faced by construction engineering management: lack of professionals, imperfect engineering management system, and lack of sufficient supervision of construction projects. Finally, we put forward suggestions to improve the informationization of construction engineering management methods: clarify the goal of engineering management, improve the level of informationization of engineering management methods, create a comprehensive processing platform for information management, and establish a high-level management team, in order to be able to promote the construction industry can be stable development.

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