Discussion on Cost Control Strategy in the Process of Engineering Project Construction

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Biyou Jiang, Xiaochu Wang


Rapid socio-economic development, promoting the development of the construction industry. Companies want to stand out from the fierce market competition, must strengthen the cost control of construction projects. This paper elaborates the importance of cost control of engineering construction projects, and then proposes that the dilemmas faced by cost control management of engineering construction projects are: inadequate market research of raw materials, lack of high-quality cost management talents, imperfect cost management system, neglected cost management work, lack of supervision and regulation of cost management work, and finally proposes that the cost control strategies in the process of engineering project construction include clarifying the cost control objectives of engineering cost, cultivating professional cost control talents, deepening the innovative cost management system, increasing the supervision and regulation of cost of the whole process of engineering, and ensuring the reasonableness of the cost budget plan. We hope to further promote construction companies' attention to cost control of engineering price construction projects.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26789/JSC.2022.01.005


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