Vol 2, No 1 (2023)

DOI: https://doi.org/10.26789/ijest.v2i1

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Yingqi Chi, Chen Li


In the work of ideological and political education in colleges and universities, building an integrated work system is the requirement of the development of the times, and it is also an inevitable choice for the continuous development of ideological and political education with the times. An integrated work system requires that all links and elements of ideological and political education be closely connected, coordinated, and orderly to form an organic and unified whole, so as to realize the mutual promotion of the educational process and effect. Building an integrated system for ideological and political education in colleges and universities is conducive to promoting the consistency of ideological and political education in colleges and universities with the goal of talent training, realizing the organic unity of the content and methods of ideological and political education, and promoting the continuous improvement of the quality of talent training.

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Yuhong Zhong


With the deepening of educational reform, teachers' teaching concepts have also undergone tremendous changes. The traditional teaching mode is no longer suitable for the needs of the current educational development, in order to improve students' interest in learning and cultivate students' ability to learn mathematics, teachers must reform teaching methods and methods. As a new type of teaching, interactive teaching can not only improve students' interest in learning, but also give full play to the interaction between teachers and students. This paper mainly analyzes and elaborates on the significance, implementation and application methods of interactive teaching in high school mathematics teaching.

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Jing Yang, Mo Sha, Tingting Sun, Jian Pang, Geng Cao


This article use "Freedom" and "Cooperation" as the core of the "Dalton Plan" teaching organizational form into the high school aerobics curriculum, it also summarizes and reflects on the implementation process, existing problems and development path of "Dalton Plan". The study found that the "Dalton Plan" of teaching can well meet the specific requirements of the new curriculum on "Students as the main body, teachers as the leading" of the physical education curriculum, and realize the cultivation of students' core literacy in various aspects, reflecting the students' role orientation, learning autonomy and the sense of team cooperation, can better cultivate the backbone of sports and tap the ability of individuals, for the high school curriculum integration provides a new development path. The application of "Dalton Plan" teaching organization form in high school calisthenics course, through the symbiosis, innovation and integration of online physical education course resources and conventional teaching, the study goal is stratified, thus, the teaching goal of  "All-round education" in physical education is realized, and beneficial practice and exploration are made for the cultivation of students' core quality and the teaching reform of physical education course.

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Jing Yang, Mo Sha, Tingting Sun, Hongbin Tang, Jian Pang


The cheerleading course adopts a teaching mode that combines project-based learning (PBL) and the Dalton plan. Through case practice, summary and reflection, the PBL and Dalton plan mode are organically combined, integrating problem decomposition, team building, and rule establishment into the classroom. Students' ability to solve problems in real situations has been improved to a certain extent. After experiencing real task processes and solving problems encountered, Accurate self-positioning, the entire course and competition not only utilizes professional knowledge and abilities, but also permeates and cultivates emotions, positions, attitudes, and other aspects; Students are willing to study hard in a pleasant environment, able to play different roles, and have a "contract" planning process throughout the entire process, which enhances their core competencies. The teacher is responsible for building scaffolding, answering questions, and managing emergencies, ultimately ensuring that PBL results are reviewed and completed in the classroom.

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Yongqiang Chen, Bo Song, Cheng Fang


Refractory materials are important basic support materials in the field of high-temperature industry, and are facing the challenges of more efficient, better quality, multi-functional, environmental protection and green. In the face of global core technology competition and sustainable development of resources, the high-temperature industry will be committed to product optimization and research alternative technologies. The development goal of China's high-temperature industry is to produce high-quality products, achieve efficient production, sustainable green development and intelligent manufacturing. However, the current situation and future of the refractories industry is not optimistic, the system is backward, the brain drain, the lack of successor, has become a prominent problem facing the industry. The teaching and training of college students plays an important role in the development of refractory industry. By focusing on the combination of professional knowledge and practice, training students' innovative thinking and ability to cooperate with the industry can provide talent support for the development of the industry, solve the current problems, and promote the development of the industry to a more efficient, environmentally friendly and intelligent direction.

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Guanghua Ma


As a basic discipline, mathematics is of great significance to the cultivation of students' thinking ability, problem-solving ability and the improvement of students' comprehensive quality. However, at present, there are still many problems in junior high school mathematics teaching, which seriously affect the quality of junior high school mathematics teaching and hinder the improvement of students' learning efficiency. In order to change this situation and enable students to learn mathematics more effectively, mathematics teaching needs to be reformed. As a basic subject, the optimization of teaching methods and teaching modes of junior high school mathematics has also become an important measure to improve the quality of junior high school mathematics teaching and improve the learning efficiency of junior high school students. Based on this, this paper conducts research and analysis on how to optimize mathematics teaching in junior high school and improve the efficiency of classroom teaching.


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