Refractories analysis, teaching train and entrepreneurial guidance for college students

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Yongqiang Chen, Bo Song, Cheng Fang


Refractory materials are important basic support materials in the field of high-temperature industry, and are facing the challenges of more efficient, better quality, multi-functional, environmental protection and green. In the face of global core technology competition and sustainable development of resources, the high-temperature industry will be committed to product optimization and research alternative technologies. The development goal of China's high-temperature industry is to produce high-quality products, achieve efficient production, sustainable green development and intelligent manufacturing. However, the current situation and future of the refractories industry is not optimistic, the system is backward, the brain drain, the lack of successor, has become a prominent problem facing the industry. The teaching and training of college students plays an important role in the development of refractory industry. By focusing on the combination of professional knowledge and practice, training students' innovative thinking and ability to cooperate with the industry can provide talent support for the development of the industry, solve the current problems, and promote the development of the industry to a more efficient, environmentally friendly and intelligent direction.


Refractory industry; Brain drain; Innovation and entrepreneurship; Personnel training

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