"Dalton Plan" high school aerobics curriculum construction and implementation path

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Jing Yang, Mo Sha, Tingting Sun, Jian Pang, Geng Cao


This article use "Freedom" and "Cooperation" as the core of the "Dalton Plan" teaching organizational form into the high school aerobics curriculum, it also summarizes and reflects on the implementation process, existing problems and development path of "Dalton Plan". The study found that the "Dalton Plan" of teaching can well meet the specific requirements of the new curriculum on "Students as the main body, teachers as the leading" of the physical education curriculum, and realize the cultivation of students' core literacy in various aspects, reflecting the students' role orientation, learning autonomy and the sense of team cooperation, can better cultivate the backbone of sports and tap the ability of individuals, for the high school curriculum integration provides a new development path. The application of "Dalton Plan" teaching organization form in high school calisthenics course, through the symbiosis, innovation and integration of online physical education course resources and conventional teaching, the study goal is stratified, thus, the teaching goal of  "All-round education" in physical education is realized, and beneficial practice and exploration are made for the cultivation of students' core quality and the teaching reform of physical education course.


Dalton system; Physical Education; Core literacy

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26789/ijest.v2i1.1746


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