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Smart Cities: Present and F...

Topic: Smart Cities: Present and Future Conference Date: 26th to 28th May 2018 Venu: Beijing, China Chairman: Professor Andreas Kappos </br> Website:

Posted: 2018-04-10

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  • ISSN: 2382-6436 (Print)

    Editor-in-Chief: Ji-Dong Gu

    The journal of "Applied Environmental Biotechnology (AEB)" provides a forum in the broad research field of biotechnology in terms of advances, innovation and technologies made at molecular, process, community or ecosystem levels. It will emphasize on the basic biochemistry, molecular processes and molecular biology where the molecules and genes remain the central core of analysis.

  • ISSN: 2424-8053 (Print)

    Editor-in-Chief: Dongzhu Chu

    The Advances in Sustainable Urbanization(ASU) is a multidisciplinary journal of research papers, opinion articles, technical notes and monographs/special issues with a global readership. It offers an outlet for extended papers in the field of urbanization process, sustainable planning techniques, and progress made worldwide in developing sustainable cities. We welcome papers on any aspect of urban...

  • ISSN: 2382-641X (Print)

    Editor-in-Chief: Qing Zhu

    The Journal of Smart Cities offers a multidisciplinary forum for publishing original research in the area of smart cities, bringing together scholars from the fields of engineering, urban planning, computer science, and information and knowledge management. The Journal of Smart Cities will serve as an international platform by sharing the latest research achievements on smart cities globally, offe...

  • ISSN: 2424-841X (Print)

    Editor-in-Chief: Bing-Qing Wei

    Advances in Material Science is fully peer-reviewed journal that dedicate in promoting the international exchange of scientific information in material science and technology for studying the relationship between structure, physicochemical properties and application of materials. It focuses on the original research paper, review article and short communication recording results or techniques which...

  • ISSN: 2424-9416 (Print)

    Editor-in-Chief: Fang-Hua Hao

    International Journal of Geology is a peer-reviewed, gold Open Access journal that focuses on current developments in the field of geology. It publishes theoretical as well as experimental studies on all aspects of geological sciences, and the technologies that are developed for field investigations. We particularly welcome interesting studies from different geo-regions across the globe that addr...

  • ISSN: XXXX-XXXX (Print)

    Editor-in-Chief: Xiang-Fu Chen

    World Construction is a scholarly peer-reviewed international journal which offers wide ranging and comprehensive coverage of all facets of building construction and planning. The journal aims to promote technical and scientific advances in related fields among academia, professionals, consultants and students by stimulating research, encouraging academic exchange and enhancing professional develo...

  • ISSN: 2424-8797

    Editor-in-Chief: 吴庆洲

    《市政工程》是专业国际学术型期刊,期刊所刊登的论文由中国知网、中国城市建设网全文收录。 期刊本着面向建筑和土木等相关行业、提供优质服务的宗旨,为专家学者提供开展学术交流的平台。期刊密切联系政府有关部门、工程企业、科研院所等,充分体现期刊所在领域发展的全局性、时效性和前瞻性。

  • ISSN: 2424-8827

    Editor-in-Chief: 隋铭皓

    《节能环保》是专业国际学术型期刊,期刊所刊登的论文由中国知网、中国城市建设网全文收录。 期刊积极追踪业内发展的最新趋势,全力宣传、推广节能与环保的高新技术和产品,展示新能源与可再生能源的技术应用,汇集国内外最新动态,推展节能环保示范项目、实用技术、投资分析。提高能效,走可持续发展之路。

  • ISSN: 2424-8908

    Editor-in-Chief: 赵鸣

    《建筑结构》是专业国际学术型期刊,期刊所刊登的论文由中国知网、中国城市建设网全文收录。 《建筑结构》主要收录混凝土结构、钢结构、预应力结构、工程抗震、工程检测、房屋加固与改造、建筑新技术新材料开发等方面的研究应用成果型文章,并开设设计施工经验以及工程事故分析处理、结构软件的应用、规范和规程的修编及背景介绍、技术讲座、科技综述、工程报道、科技简讯、设计论坛、问题和讨论、工程实录等栏目。

  • ISSN: 2424-8762

    Editor-in-Chief: 李保峰

    《园林景观》是专业国际学术型期刊,期刊所刊登的论文由中国知网、中国城市建设网全文收录。 期刊主要刊登园林赏析、生活花艺、盆景技艺与赏析、名石收藏与赏析、重大项目追踪报道、设计创意典范、植物养护技术、新知识新技术以及相关信息发布等内容。体现知识性、实用性、时代性特点,具有一定收藏价值。

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Recently Published Papers

Applied Environmental Biotechnology (应用环境生物技术)

Heavy Metals and Arsenic in Sediments of Xinfengjiang Reservoir and East River in South China: Levels, Source and Health Risk Assessment

Xinfengjiang Reservoir (XFJR) is the largest drinking water source in the southern China, and plays a vital role in supporting the development of China’s Pearl River delta. The lev...

Yun-jiang Yu, Liang-zhong Li, Ming-yang Li, Xiao-hui Zhang, Zong-rui Li, Xiao-hui Zhu, Bi-gui Lin

288 Views | 358Downloads

Anthroposphere, A New Physical Dimension of the Ecosystem

Ecosystem is having a new physical dimension as evidenced by the increasing contribution from man-made plastics synthesized and consumed by our society. Anthroposphere, a brand new...

Ji-Dong Gu

155 Views | 193Downloads

On Applied Toxicology

Analytical chemistry allows an accurate quantification of the total concentrations of a range of chemicals in different media of the ecosystems and contaminated sites, but the nume...

Ji-Dong Gu

286 Views | 519Downloads

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Advances in Sustainable Urbanization (可持续城镇化进展)

Sea dike construction challenges in coastal waters for storage of river flood waters: a sustainable strategy for water resource development using coastal reservoirs

In this paper, marine civil engineering structures such as breakwater and sea dikes are discussed along with the challenges of constructing a sea dike in coastal waters close to th...

T G Sitharam

2531 Views | 2117Downloads

Efficacy of coastal reservoirs to address India's water shortage by impounding excess river flood waters near the coast

India is a sub-continent where presently 320 million people remain in the water-starved parts of the country and according to the UN, this number is expected to increase to 840 mil...

T.G. Sitharam

1783 Views | 2054Downloads

Will coastal reservoirs dominate future Australian water supplies?

Next to air, fresh water has been always considered as the most important resource, central to economic development as well as to human physiological needs. Currently the total wor...

Shu-Qing Yang

890 Views | 735Downloads

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Journal of Smart Cities (智慧城市)

Uses and practices of e-health environments: An interactive architecture for effective real-time monitoring of patients

The impact of new information and communication technologies on our societies is universal. They have the advantage of being transversal and affecting all sectors, notably health. ...

Talantikite Soundouss Ismahane

763 Views | 1177Downloads

Modern approach for intelligent database to support urban city accessibility tools for the pedestrian

Travelling through cities is one of the things which people with mobility impairment always have to deal with. A designed dynamic database of Maps for Easy Paths (MEP) project for ...

Daniel Sinkonde

823 Views | 1247Downloads

Development of an integrated smart water grid model as a portfolio of climate smart cities

Currently, there is no overarching model to integrating city planning, smart techniques and climate change. After reviewing the existing literature on the theoretical framework of ...

Kwi-Gon Kim

1468 Views | 2068Downloads

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Advances in Material Science (材料科学前沿)

Study on energy-saving insulation materials in the buildings exterior

Construction industry has been one of Chinas energy guzzlers, if we can reduce the energy consumption of the building industry through the use of new materials or new technologies,...

Zhang Yang, Ya-Zhi Hu

2291 Views | 2026Downloads

The research progress on lifting technique of 120 m span steel roof truss

Assembling and mounting of steel truss of super large span roof are analyzed. Steel truss factory prefabricated parts are used. An overall jig frame is sectionally assembled on sit...

Han-Shi Lu, Min-Ming Lu

1521 Views | 2043Downloads

Experimental investigation of the three-point bending fatigue properties of carbon fiber composite laminates

The three-point bending fatigue properties of carbon fiber epoxy matrix composite laminates were compared for fatigue loading stress levels of 75, 80 and 85%, and fatigue loading f...

Tao Yang, Mei-Hong He, Xue-Juan Niu, Yu Du

1560 Views | 2004Downloads

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International Journal of Geology (国际地质学)

The application of digital logging in exploration of Jiang Cang coalfield in Qinghai province

A lot of well logging on to Jiang Cang coalfield in the past work and achieved good results, but due to differ in age, instrumentation equipment and method were different. In order...

Liu Zhiyou, Huo Jinghuan, Zhu Xiaogang

1200 Views | 1249Downloads

Research on the solidification of silt with cement and zeolite as additives

Silt solidification is an important method of silt disposal,and it’s proved to be quick effectiveness and time saving and large in capacity.In recent years,the industrial polluti...

Feng Cheng, Wang Baotian, Li Shoude

1110 Views | 1122Downloads

Research on meatal goaf detection: a case study on the Duan Village-Leigou monohydrallite goaf

The increasing scope and depth of the mining formed more and more goaf. The geological disasters such as collapse in goaf bring the hidden danger to the people. Therefore, it is pa...

Zhao Shuxia, Wang Wanliang

1054 Views | 1114Downloads

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World Construction (世界建筑)

Technical analysis on deep foundation pit supporting in architectural engineering construction

In recent years, the construction industry shows a rapid development in China. The amount of high-rise buildings continually increases, and in the meanwhile, the technical requirem...

Jia Peng Tang, Li Guo Zhu, Shao Hui Yan, Zhong Chao Qi, Yan Hai Yan

1460 Views | 1304Downloads

The relationship between urban planning and architectural design

With the continuous expansion of the urban area in China, people pay more and more attention to the relationship between urban planning and construction design. Architectural desig...

Li Ping Xu, Jian Hua Li, Ling Jiang Kong, Jun Wei Sun, Hai Peng Wang

1472 Views | 1532Downloads

The problem and the solution in municipal building construction management

In recent years, with the progress of the society and sustainable development of national economy, to some extent for the stable progress of urbanization construction, as well as t...

Li Na Xuan, Chao Chao Guo, Ren Wei Li, Zi Shang Chu, Yong Tong Zhou

1339 Views | 1415Downloads

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