Vol 8, No 2 (2023)

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Yan Liu


With the continuous development of social economy, many cities pay more attention to the landscape design of landscaping, and put forward various relevant policies for landscaping, laying a solid foundation for landscaping. Especially in the context of the information age, various types of plants emerge in endlessly, and the economic benefits are increasingly prominent, which has virtually improved the economic outlook of China’s cities. As an important part of landscape design, plant landscaping can not only improve the quality of urban construction, but also improve the quality of urban water resources and air, optimize people’s longterm living environment, and create a beautiful landscape for people. At the same time, plant landscaping is widely used in modern urban landscape design. It is necessary to strictly follow the principles of garden landscaping and ecological theory, coordinate the development of cities and nature, take nature as the main optimization goal, promote the sustainable development of cities, and let people enjoy a beautiful environment. Based on this, by analyzing the importance of plant landscaping, this paper makes people aware of the significance of plant landscaping to the ecological environment, and then analyzes the forms of plant ornamental expression from different aspects, which is conducive to the garden staff to design a satisfactory garden plant landscape.

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Chenhui Yang


At present, people living in cities have high requirements for urban environment and greening level. Many cities are also constantly improving their greening level, actively building a good urban appearance, and providing higher quality environmental conditions for the general public. Through active efforts, many cities have achieved good results in landscaping, and the level of urban greening has been significantly improved. However, in the specific process of landscape development, many cities have also encountered certain difficulties and problems, which need to be solved urgently. Taking Hohhot city of China as an example, based on the analysis of its basic situation, the paper comprehensively analyzes the difficulties it faces in the development of landscaping, and then puts forward corresponding countermeasures from the aspects of rational plant allocation and active development of three-dimensional greening, aiming at the unreasonable situation in the selection and configuration of garden plants, as well as the imperfect management and inadequate three-dimensional greening.

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Peng Qiu


In the modern city, the garden is an important part, it plays a role in beautifying people’s living environment, but also can purify the air, to the maintenance of natural ecological environment balance has played a role in promoting. Landscape engineering construction content and complex, especially the late maintenance work is very important, directly about the sustainable development of garden, it is easy to be ignored, so, to reasonable application of garden maintenance technology, make the garden engineering get higher comprehensive benefits, this paper focuses on the problems in the process of garden construction maintenance technology and solution strategy.

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Guifen Wei, Jie Su


With the improvement of people’s living standards, people not only to the urban landscape green space construction is satisfied with the improvement of the natural environment, but also pay more and more attention to the pursuit of urban characteristics and cultural landscape. Urban characteristic landscape should pay full attention to the natural attributes of the city, deeply integrate the landscape construction and urban characteristics with socialist civilization, and strive to establish a landscape rich in urban characteristics and humanistic themes, so as to better improve the urban value and human cultural connotation. In order to understand more about the characteristic scenic spots created by landscape art, this paper first expounds the necessity of garden landscape, the characteristics of miniature landscape and the role of plant landscape creation, explores the application method of miniature landscape effect in characteristic scenic spots, and expounds the design of an artificial landscape tree, hoping to provide reference for relevant personnel.

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Yuan He, Shangjian Luo


Cutting seedling raising is a relatively reliable and economical seedling raising method, which plays an important role in the afforestation project in China. Combined with practical experience, this paper discusses the technology, matters needing attention and application points of forestry cutting seedling, and discusses how to do cutting seedling well for reference.

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Yiliu Lu


With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, ecological environment protection is more and more attention, landscape ecological design is based on protecting the ecological environment of a systematic design project, which not only can make the natural ecology keep the original appearance, but also can expand the economic value of the ecological environment, to promote regional ecological construction and economic development has an extremely important role. Therefore, the paper makes a specific research and analysis on the basic theory of landscape ecological design, the discussion of landscape ecological design and the discussion of landscape ecological design language, hoping to make a contribution to the smooth progress of landscape ecological design.

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Yahua Wang


There are many problems in the construction of landscape architecture projects, such as the destruction of soil components, the difficulty of construction, and the inadequate implementation of environmental protection. The design of landscape architecture should ensure its practicality, harmony and reliability, integration and connection. In order to improve the construction efficiency of the landscape architecture project, the construction personnel can grasp the key technologies from the aspects of construction drawing design, fixed-point setting out, vegetation protection, soil treatment, later maintenance and drainage, construction technology improvement and later management, so as to lay a foundation for improving the rationality of the design and construction of the landscape architecture project.

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Wenquan Dai


With the advancement of ecological civilization construction, the increasing deterioration of the natural environment brought about by the rapid development of social economy has gradually been widely paid attention to by people. Urban landscaping management and protection work is one of the effective ways to promote the construction of ecological city and improve the quality of life of residents, and is the perfect combination of the natural environment and aesthetic appreciation that we rely on in space. This paper expounds the contents, importance and existing problems of urban landscaping management and protection work, puts forward the measures to strengthen urban landscaping management and protection work, and further discusses the sustainable development direction of urban garden management and protection, in order to contribute to the improvement of urban ecological environment.

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