Design and Practice of Plant Landscaping in Landscaping

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Yan Liu


With the continuous development of social economy, many cities pay more attention to the landscape design of landscaping, and put forward various relevant policies for landscaping, laying a solid foundation for landscaping. Especially in the context of the information age, various types of plants emerge in endlessly, and the economic benefits are increasingly prominent, which has virtually improved the economic outlook of China’s cities. As an important part of landscape design, plant landscaping can not only improve the quality of urban construction, but also improve the quality of urban water resources and air, optimize people’s longterm living environment, and create a beautiful landscape for people. At the same time, plant landscaping is widely used in modern urban landscape design. It is necessary to strictly follow the principles of garden landscaping and ecological theory, coordinate the development of cities and nature, take nature as the main optimization goal, promote the sustainable development of cities, and let people enjoy a beautiful environment. Based on this, by analyzing the importance of plant landscaping, this paper makes people aware of the significance of plant landscaping to the ecological environment, and then analyzes the forms of plant ornamental expression from different aspects, which is conducive to the garden staff to design a satisfactory garden plant landscape.


plant landscaping; landscape design; follow the principles; design form




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