Landscape Art from the Miniature or Local Amplification Techniques to Create Characteristic Scenic Spots

VIEWS - 245 (Abstract) 119 (PDF (简体中文))
Guifen Wei, Jie Su


With the improvement of people’s living standards, people not only to the urban landscape green space construction is satisfied with the improvement of the natural environment, but also pay more and more attention to the pursuit of urban characteristics and cultural landscape. Urban characteristic landscape should pay full attention to the natural attributes of the city, deeply integrate the landscape construction and urban characteristics with socialist civilization, and strive to establish a landscape rich in urban characteristics and humanistic themes, so as to better improve the urban value and human cultural connotation. In order to understand more about the characteristic scenic spots created by landscape art, this paper first expounds the necessity of garden landscape, the characteristics of miniature landscape and the role of plant landscape creation, explores the application method of miniature landscape effect in characteristic scenic spots, and expounds the design of an artificial landscape tree, hoping to provide reference for relevant personnel.


landscape art; miniature landscape; characteristic scenic spots




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