Discussion on the Difficulties and Strategies Faced by the Development of Garden Greening in Hohhot, China

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Chenhui Yang


At present, people living in cities have high requirements for urban environment and greening level. Many cities are also constantly improving their greening level, actively building a good urban appearance, and providing higher quality environmental conditions for the general public. Through active efforts, many cities have achieved good results in landscaping, and the level of urban greening has been significantly improved. However, in the specific process of landscape development, many cities have also encountered certain difficulties and problems, which need to be solved urgently. Taking Hohhot city of China as an example, based on the analysis of its basic situation, the paper comprehensively analyzes the difficulties it faces in the development of landscaping, and then puts forward corresponding countermeasures from the aspects of rational plant allocation and active development of three-dimensional greening, aiming at the unreasonable situation in the selection and configuration of garden plants, as well as the imperfect management and inadequate three-dimensional greening.


landscaping; dilemma; strategy; Hohhot


DOI: https://doi.org/10.26789/yljg.v7i4.1589


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