Exploratory Research on the Construction Models of China’s Rail Logistics System

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Zejun Dai


In consideration of the development trend of comprehensive utilization of aboveground and underground space resources in China’s megacities and many problems arising during the bottleneck period of rapid development of logistics in megacities, several construction models of rail transit logistics system suitable for China’s urban development are studied and explored in the present research. By analyzing the characteristics of international and domestic logistics methods and the construction of rail transit facilities system, using research analysis and data comparison, etc., and finally combining the current level of China’s economic development and future development direction, the paper analyzes and proposes in details, a scientific and reasonable construction model for the future rail logistics system of megacities in China, in which the main network is established by fully modifying and making use of existing aboveground and underground lines, transforming suburban railways, and it is partially supplemented by new special lines.

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