Vol 6, No 1 (2021)

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Shang Lu


The progress of modern science and technology promotes the development of wisdom gardens. However, the developmentof wisdom gardens not only relies on information technology, but also integrates people’s perceptual cognition and emotionalexperience. This article will expand wisdom garden area to the campus, put forward the definition of campus wisdom garden,combine with the real demand of college campus and design campus wisdom garden system,from “technique” and “emotionalexperience”, achieving a few big function design of campus wisdom garden. In view of the campus wisdom garden of ordosecological environment vocational college, put forward the implementation strategy of campus wisdom garden, realize the interactionbetween information technology, human beings and the natural environment, create a modern garden landscape that “enhancesperception” and “surreal experience” which expand the wisdom garden from the city to the campus, from the simple application oftechnology to the deeper level of research, and provide more possibilities for the development of the wisdom garden.

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Weihua Guo, Chencheng Song


With the increasing development and application of three-dimensional laser scanning technology, it becomes possible to realize automatic and efficient surveying with a high level of convenience and precision via ground mobile surveying system. The traditional laser scanning equipment cannot meet the work requirement due to its relatively low working efficiency given the high accuracy requirements, large density houses, complex situation in the courtyard and large amount of data involved in the surveying of House Ownership and Land-Using Right Integration(or Real Estate). Besides, it has to rely on GNSS and inertial navigation system, which the novel three-dimensional laser scanning method does not need. The fixed laser scanning, though it can be used in both indoor and outdoor environment, fails to meet the working requirement as well with its relatively low data acquisition efficiency as complex places require a large number of station changes and point cloud matching. While Mobile real-time positioning and map construction technology, with the features of high precision, easy portability, fast data processing and intuitive graphics acquisition,proves that it can be popularized in the integrated surveying project of rural real estate as a new method because it not only improves work efficiency, but also ensures mapping accuracy.

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Jiayuan Ji, Mengyuan Xu, Shangrong Jin, Shengjie Du


With the popularization of the Internet and the development of computer technology, the pace of life is accelerating, and the hidden danger of epidemic continues to exist. The convenience of online ordering makes it gradually integrate into people’s life. Takeout occupies an important position in the three meals of college students. However, as a huge branch market of domestic catering, there are still many problems in the distribution of campus takeout. The “slow and messy” of taking meals makes the takeout cooler, worse taste and wrong taking emerge one after another, threatening the consumption rights and interests of college students and bringing great hidden dangers to campus safety. Therefore, this paper puts forward a series of meal taking efficiency and safety for the campus, and puts forward that the campus takeout cabinet is based on the application of College Students’ dining comfort, optimizes college students’ dining experience, provides personalized demand services through big data, and is committed to coordinating and solving campus management problems, so as to make the whole campus takeout more organized and standardized,so as to make the takeout behavior in the campus more organized, All subjects are more harmonious.

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Zejun Dai


In consideration of the development trend of comprehensive utilization of aboveground and underground space resources in China’s megacities and many problems arising during the bottleneck period of rapid development of logistics in megacities, several construction models of rail transit logistics system suitable for China’s urban development are studied and explored in the present research. By analyzing the characteristics of international and domestic logistics methods and the construction of rail transit facilities system, using research analysis and data comparison, etc., and finally combining the current level of China’s economic development and future development direction, the paper analyzes and proposes in details, a scientific and reasonable construction model for the future rail logistics system of megacities in China, in which the main network is established by fully modifying and making use of existing aboveground and underground lines, transforming suburban railways, and it is partially supplemented by new special lines.



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Zhenyi Xu


Since the abolition of the welfare housing distribution policy and the implementation of the monetary reform of the housing system in 1998, there has even been a bubble phenomenon despite the rapid development of the Chinese real estate market. However, considering that the reform of real estate tax will affect the whole system, and there are still various disputes about real estate tax in society, the Chinese government is very slow in real estate tax reform. Given this, under the background that the State Council has been authorized by the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress to pilot real estate tax reform, it is still necessary to explore the legitimacy of China's real estate tax reform promotion. In general, under the background of solidly promoting common prosperity, resolutely implementing the policy of "housing to live without speculation," and promoting the stable and healthy development of the real estate market, coupled with the fact that the real estate market has already seen a severe bubble phenomenon. China's active promotion of real estate tax reform has a solid theoretical and practical basis and has urgency and feasibility.


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