Based on Campus Takeout Distribution Problems and Takeout Cabinet Application Analysis

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Jiayuan Ji, Mengyuan Xu, Shangrong Jin, Shengjie Du


With the popularization of the Internet and the development of computer technology, the pace of life is accelerating, and the hidden danger of epidemic continues to exist. The convenience of online ordering makes it gradually integrate into people’s life. Takeout occupies an important position in the three meals of college students. However, as a huge branch market of domestic catering, there are still many problems in the distribution of campus takeout. The “slow and messy” of taking meals makes the takeout cooler, worse taste and wrong taking emerge one after another, threatening the consumption rights and interests of college students and bringing great hidden dangers to campus safety. Therefore, this paper puts forward a series of meal taking efficiency and safety for the campus, and puts forward that the campus takeout cabinet is based on the application of College Students’ dining comfort, optimizes college students’ dining experience, provides personalized demand services through big data, and is committed to coordinating and solving campus management problems, so as to make the whole campus takeout more organized and standardized,so as to make the takeout behavior in the campus more organized, All subjects are more harmonious.

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