Discussion about the Application of GEOSLAM Hand-held 3D Laser Scanner to the Surveying into Rural Real Estate

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Weihua Guo, Chencheng Song


With the increasing development and application of three-dimensional laser scanning technology, it becomes possible to realize automatic and efficient surveying with a high level of convenience and precision via ground mobile surveying system. The traditional laser scanning equipment cannot meet the work requirement due to its relatively low working efficiency given the high accuracy requirements, large density houses, complex situation in the courtyard and large amount of data involved in the surveying of House Ownership and Land-Using Right Integration(or Real Estate). Besides, it has to rely on GNSS and inertial navigation system, which the novel three-dimensional laser scanning method does not need. The fixed laser scanning, though it can be used in both indoor and outdoor environment, fails to meet the working requirement as well with its relatively low data acquisition efficiency as complex places require a large number of station changes and point cloud matching. While Mobile real-time positioning and map construction technology, with the features of high precision, easy portability, fast data processing and intuitive graphics acquisition,proves that it can be popularized in the integrated surveying project of rural real estate as a new method because it not only improves work efficiency, but also ensures mapping accuracy.

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