Exploration and Application of Wisdom Garden in University Campus

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Shang Lu


The progress of modern science and technology promotes the development of wisdom gardens. However, the developmentof wisdom gardens not only relies on information technology, but also integrates people’s perceptual cognition and emotionalexperience. This article will expand wisdom garden area to the campus, put forward the definition of campus wisdom garden,combine with the real demand of college campus and design campus wisdom garden system,from “technique” and “emotionalexperience”, achieving a few big function design of campus wisdom garden. In view of the campus wisdom garden of ordosecological environment vocational college, put forward the implementation strategy of campus wisdom garden, realize the interactionbetween information technology, human beings and the natural environment, create a modern garden landscape that “enhancesperception” and “surreal experience” which expand the wisdom garden from the city to the campus, from the simple application oftechnology to the deeper level of research, and provide more possibilities for the development of the wisdom garden.

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