Vol 1, No 1 (2016)


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Feng Li, Guo Wenjian


the three-component magnetic survey in well, as an important means in the geological prospecting, plays an important complementary role in geological magnetic survey data. During the data process of three-component magnetic survey, the drilling technology, instruments of three-component magnetic survey in well as well as performance and precision of the gyroscope inclinometer should be considered synthetically, and the appropriate data processing method should be selected according to the different trajectory feature of borehole, in order to improve the accuracy of data interpretation.

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Long Zhai, Min Ren, Bin Tan


In recent years, with the booming of petroleum industry and the continual reserve urgency of fossil oil, petroleum exploration technology in China is required to be a higher level. At present, with the improvement and development of computing technology and other technology, China's fossil oil exploration technology have been greatly improved, the oil field work has a stage improvement, petroleum exploration technology has also improved, Shaanxi Changqing Oilfield has also made remarkable progress, and it is worth mentioning that the three main techniques, the exploration technology of well logging technology, drilling technology and exploration technology, have made great progress on innovation through using new technologies. But it does not mean that the petroleum exploration technology has met the requirements of petroleum development. Petroleum exploration technology is insufficient and needs to be unremittingly combined with other techniques for its improvement and innovation. Based on this, this paper studies and analyzes the innovation of geological exploration technology in petroleum development process

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Ma Wei, Hou Jing, Chen Yao, Pan Mingchen, Sun Hailong


Daletingchagan Pb-Zn-Ag polymetallic ore, located 70 km away to the Baogeda Mountain in Dong Ujimqin, Inner Mongolia, is a Pb-Zn-Ag polymetallic orefield, found based on that Geological prospecting institute of Liaoning province carry out the synthesis method for prospecting project of Baogeda forest field. This mineral deposit could be divided into two ore block, genetic types of west ore block is contact metasomatic type, east ore block is shallow epithermal deposit related to volcanic agencies and the subvolcanic, this paper is mainly on comprehensive study of east ore block mineralization, aiming at providing a beneficial reference of further exploration for concession.

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Zhao Shuxia, Wang Wanliang


The increasing scope and depth of the mining formed more and more goaf. The geological disasters such as collapse in goaf bring the hidden danger to the people. Therefore, it is particularly important to accurately locate the goaf in the mining area. This article take a section of the Duan Village-Leigou monohydrallite goaf in Mianchi county of Henan Province as an example, using five kinds of detection test including seismic reflection method, direct current method, high density resistivity method, the electromagnetic imaging and radon emanation measurement method. The results from detection and comprehensive analysis of the eight known mine show that it’s suitable to adopt high density method when the embedded depth is about 20.0 m or less than 20.0 m, polar distance of which chould be 2.0 m; for tunnel buried deep in above 20.0m the magnetotelluric imaging (EH-4) method is appropriate, choosing suitable polar distance and dot pitch 2.0. Through the detection of Duan Village-Leigou monohydrallite goaf, research suggests the high density resistivity method and the method of the earth electromagnetic imaging are the most suitable methods to detect the goaf. 

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Feng Cheng, Wang Baotian, Li Shoude


Silt solidification is an important method of silt disposal,and it’s proved to be quick effectiveness and time saving and large in capacity.In recent years,the industrial pollution has made the silt in the lake or the sea rich in harmful elements,such as heavy metal and organic matter,etc,which may strongly influence the solidification effect of silt and trigger secondary pollution.The author proposed a kind of choice,which could effectly decrease harmful elements leaching,based on engineering application.The performances of solidification with different ratio of cement and zeolite,such as unconfined compressive strength,compression coefficient,heavy metal fractions,heavy metal short-term stability and long-term stability are systematicly studied.The article confirmed that the addition of the cement and the zeolite increase the strength of the soil and effectly enhance its deformation resistant capability,Further more,they significantly decrease the activity of harmful elements and greatly reduce the threat to the environment,which finds an effective solution to the environment problem.

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Liu Zhiyou, Huo Jinghuan, Zhu Xiaogang


A lot of well logging on to Jiang Cang coalfield in the past work and achieved good results, but due to differ in age, instrumentation equipment and method were different. In order to understand the application effect of the equipment used in the area now and in order to provide the basis for the future working to choose the appropriate logging parameters and well logging interpretation, we chosed GJS - 1 b intelligent engineering logging system produced by Chongqing geological instrument factory in Jiang Cang mining area, we collected the data when cable were ascending, according to 《the requirements of the rules of coalfield geophysical logging》, JGS - 1 b instrument full hole resistivity logging velocity of 3 m/s, the sampling interval was 5 cm, acoustic logging measurement parameter for the acoustic time, adopt the device of single-emission and double-receiving, detectorsource space was 0.5 meters, 0.7 meters, the full hole velocity was 6 m/s, the sampling interval was 10 cm.

In this paper, we introduce the application of multiple well logging method in coalfield geology through to the logging examples in Mu Li Jang Cang coalfield four field  of qinghai province, the effect was remarkable


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