The application of digital logging in exploration of Jiang Cang coalfield in Qinghai province

VIEWS - 1957 (Abstract) 228 (PDF)
Liu Zhiyou, Huo Jinghuan, Zhu Xiaogang


A lot of well logging on to Jiang Cang coalfield in the past work and achieved good results, but due to differ in age, instrumentation equipment and method were different. In order to understand the application effect of the equipment used in the area now and in order to provide the basis for the future working to choose the appropriate logging parameters and well logging interpretation, we chosed GJS - 1 b intelligent engineering logging system produced by Chongqing geological instrument factory in Jiang Cang mining area, we collected the data when cable were ascending, according to 《the requirements of the rules of coalfield geophysical logging》, JGS - 1 b instrument full hole resistivity logging velocity of 3 m/s, the sampling interval was 5 cm, acoustic logging measurement parameter for the acoustic time, adopt the device of single-emission and double-receiving, detectorsource space was 0.5 meters, 0.7 meters, the full hole velocity was 6 m/s, the sampling interval was 10 cm.

In this paper, we introduce the application of multiple well logging method in coalfield geology through to the logging examples in Mu Li Jang Cang coalfield four field  of qinghai province, the effect was remarkable

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