Analysis on innovation of geological exploration technology in petroleum development process

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Long Zhai, Min Ren, Bin Tan


In recent years, with the booming of petroleum industry and the continual reserve urgency of fossil oil, petroleum exploration technology in China is required to be a higher level. At present, with the improvement and development of computing technology and other technology, China's fossil oil exploration technology have been greatly improved, the oil field work has a stage improvement, petroleum exploration technology has also improved, Shaanxi Changqing Oilfield has also made remarkable progress, and it is worth mentioning that the three main techniques, the exploration technology of well logging technology, drilling technology and exploration technology, have made great progress on innovation through using new technologies. But it does not mean that the petroleum exploration technology has met the requirements of petroleum development. Petroleum exploration technology is insufficient and needs to be unremittingly combined with other techniques for its improvement and innovation. Based on this, this paper studies and analyzes the innovation of geological exploration technology in petroleum development process


petroleum development; geological exploration technology; innovation

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