Research on the solidification of silt with cement and zeolite as additives

VIEWS - 1807 (Abstract) 271 (PDF)
Feng Cheng, Wang Baotian, Li Shoude


Silt solidification is an important method of silt disposal,and it’s proved to be quick effectiveness and time saving and large in capacity.In recent years,the industrial pollution has made the silt in the lake or the sea rich in harmful elements,such as heavy metal and organic matter,etc,which may strongly influence the solidification effect of silt and trigger secondary pollution.The author proposed a kind of choice,which could effectly decrease harmful elements leaching,based on engineering application.The performances of solidification with different ratio of cement and zeolite,such as unconfined compressive strength,compression coefficient,heavy metal fractions,heavy metal short-term stability and long-term stability are systematicly studied.The article confirmed that the addition of the cement and the zeolite increase the strength of the soil and effectly enhance its deformation resistant capability,Further more,they significantly decrease the activity of harmful elements and greatly reduce the threat to the environment,which finds an effective solution to the environment problem.

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