Vol 8, No 3 (2023)

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Xizhong Song


Interface management is a system project, which involves the owners, supervisors, contractors (including designers, manufacturers, suppliers, construction and installers) and other units, throughout the whole process of engineering construction feasibility study, design, construction and installation, operation and maintenance. Taking the engineering interface management technology of Beijing Fengtai Station reconstruction project as an example, the application of the engineering interface management technology of large-scale comprehensive transportation hub is introduced to provide reference for the subsequent similar engineering construction (supervision).

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Shiyu Chen, Dong Leng, Chang Liu


With the development of China's economy, the construction industry has ushered in great opportunities and challenges. The safety problem of housing building structure is becoming more and more prominent, and people pay more and more attention to the safety problem of housing building structure. Therefore, construction enterprises in the construction project focus on controlling the quality of construction projects. Concrete raw materials, as one of the main raw materials of construction projects, should focus on controlling the quality of concrete, through the use of new technology, and mature construction technology, construction management, improve the quality of concrete molding, to ensure the safety and reliability of the structure. Only in this way can the construction industry face this huge opportunity and challenge.

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Min Hao


For construction engineering, contract management often runs through the whole process of construction management. Contract management shall not only further stipulate the obligations of both parties to perform, but also restrain their own acts. It is the most legal, effective and feasible legal means to further safeguard their legitimate rights and interests. However, at the present stage, the contract quality of China's engineering construction market is not standardized, and there are still a series of urgent problems to be solved in the contract management and its practical application in the field of construction management. Therefore, both parties of construction engineering should do a good job in contract management, strengthen the use of contract in construction engineering, so as to promote the smooth development of construction engineering.

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Xin Chen


Construction projects will encounter a lot of complex construction problems in the specific construction process, and the leakage problem of the building structure is very common, the main leakage parts include the building roof, exterior wall structure, basement, kitchen and bathroom, etc. If the construction unit does not pay more attention to the problem of leakage and solve it, the overall construction quality of the construction project will be affected. In the process of waterproof and seepage prevention construction, the construction personnel should be strictly constructed in accordance with the technical standards. Once the leakage problem occurs, it should be effectively handled in time, so as to improve the overall safety and stability of the construction project.

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Zongyuan Li, Weifeng Yang, Yong Wang


The paper through the bridge rotating engineering weighing weight link and ocean platform, vehicle system weighing test method, summarizes the weight of the existing weighing system, the overall weight measurement problem, and the weight of large structure accurate measurement implementation scheme.

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