Discussion on Concrete Construction and Curing

VIEWS - 163 (Abstract) 57 (PDF (简体中文))
Shiyu Chen, Dong Leng, Chang Liu


With the development of China's economy, the construction industry has ushered in great opportunities and challenges. The safety problem of housing building structure is becoming more and more prominent, and people pay more and more attention to the safety problem of housing building structure. Therefore, construction enterprises in the construction project focus on controlling the quality of construction projects. Concrete raw materials, as one of the main raw materials of construction projects, should focus on controlling the quality of concrete, through the use of new technology, and mature construction technology, construction management, improve the quality of concrete molding, to ensure the safety and reliability of the structure. Only in this way can the construction industry face this huge opportunity and challenge.


concrete; construction and maintenance; engineering quality

DOI: https://doi.org/10.26789/jzjg.v7i7.1659


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