Study on the Traditional Style and Protection of the Historical Street in Dingzhou City

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Jian Ren Zhi


The level of urbanization is not high in the small towns and economic development is still the primary goal of such cities. The primary industry and the secondary industry are the main pillars of the industrial structure. The historical and cultural protection and utilization have not been taken seriously. China has thousands of years of splendid history of civilization, while traces of historical accumulation can be easily found in every city. The different characteristics of the historical styles can be seen in many small towns and in tier four and five cities. Dingzhou is located in the middle of Hebei Province with heritage of Zhongshan culture. Dingzhou has rebuilt many times as a capital and set as state government in many generations and dynasties. History of the river in Dingzhou ancient city has played an important role. The structure of the Dingzhou ancient street plays a main function where all the other main cities. Development of Dingzhou City should be taken seriously as the focus of the development of urban culture. This article mainly analyzes and discusses the related aspects of the traditional style protection of the historical streets of the central city of Dingzhou.


Dingzhou; Ancient city; Central Street; Historical district; Traditional style; Protection

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