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World Construction is a scholarly peer-reviewed international journal which offers wide ranging and comprehensive coverage of all facets of building construction and planning. The journal aims to promote technical and scientific advances in related fields among academia, professionals, consultants and students by stimulating research, encouraging academic exchange and enhancing professional development. The editors welcome high-quality contributions from all over the world.

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Vol 1, No 1 (2012)

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Fang Du, Yong Li, Feng Wu


There are often no windows and lack of natural light in the most of underground space, so lighting design is the most basic for most underground architectural design. Natural lighting is not only for comfortable indoor energy-saving and healthy light environment, but also for the good indoor environment. We need to use natural light and artificial lighting conduction system to offset the lack of natural light and improve the effect of underground space of natural light.

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Shan Bai


With the rapid development of the country's overall per capita consumption level has been greatly improved, so as the development of urbanization, the demand for urban housing construction has greatly increased, and people's living standards but also pay more attention to improve energy saving urban housing, in order to ensure the health of people living environment, green, green. Furthermore, urban residential building energy saving marks the development of urban modernization, strictly follow the principle of sustainable development in our country. With the development of society, resources and energy consumption of large quantities of now, we do not just want to ensure the quality of people's living standards and even possible to reduce energy and resource consumption, so that energy-saving design of urban residential buildings became heavy in the weight. Therefore, this article on some of the problems of urban residential building energy efficiency design of the existence of and the factors affecting these issues briefly analyze and find appropriate solutions to ensure that the urban residential buildings not only meet the needs of people's lives but also to achieve energy saving and environmental protection role.

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Ling Wang


Based on the national situation and combined with status of building energy consumption, building energy saving development planning is the most effective measure to deal with the building energy consumption problem in China. Given the building energy saving development planning problem, proposals are given in terms of the planning patterns, planning flow and the organization, which would be of practical value to the implementation of building efficiency planning in China at current stage.

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Xiang Liu


From the  most   basic visual  physiological  characteristics among of  the decisive factors of  spatial scale , the control  of  stadia and visual  angle on the garden space distribution  and the  common   quantification control  laws    on spatial  scale  were  analyzed and summarized.

284 Views, 54 PDF Downloads
Bin Tang, Dongqing Han


An ideal urban planting mode of contemporary cities is discussed, and the
urban complex planting modes are compared and analyzed. Based on architect Emilio
Ambasz’s “overlay†theory, a multi-cell and three-dimensional complex planting mode
closely combined with architectural space is presented. Aiming at the current shortcoming
of paying attention only to local advantage and ignoring the whole benefit of urban
planting, it is suggested to integrate the urban planting system with the architectural
system, so as to emphasize the maximization of the integrative using efficiency of urban


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