Vol 6, No 1 (2017)

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Min Yu


This paper is about the study on systematic interface formed from composition of architectural space from three aspects, intermediary material representation of interface, systematic expressions of interface semiotics and improvisation of interface design. Rational utilization of the mutual interdependence of construction factors of spatial interface is proposed for effective enclosure, limitation, guidance and organization. This is beneficial in realizing the ordered combination of multilevel space, so that the changes and development of space can be conducted in an orderly manner under the organization of various interface elements. This can also avoid the one-sided subjectivity of “either this or that†in the train of thoughts of composing, to form a holistic comprehension towards spatial configuration.

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Xu Yan Fang


The architectural thought of the modern architectural master, Le Corbusier, has an extensive and profound influence. His modern thought is a modern development based on traditional western architectural theories. This article tries to summarize his architectural thought and illustrate his development of western classical architectural spirit by three aspects.

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Jia He


The county economy in China has been developed rapidly with the development of economy. The county economy is the combination of the urban and the rural economies, forming a new development mode and structure. It has a very comprehensive content of development. Primary, secondary and tertiary industries are included in this economic development. The regulation of national economic development has a significant impact to the county economy. The county economy can be attributed to one of the characteristics of industry in China. Besides, the county economy can be a link in the development of national economy with an important development significance. Therefore, concerns and efforts from the scholars are important to develop the county economy and increase the level of productivity.

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Zhi Xin Su


The low-carbon ecological planning and green building are continuously explored at home and abroad, and a corresponding index system is formed, but no reasonable relationship between green building and ecological planning is established. This paper concludes a pointcut of planning and an index system combining green building and low-carbon ecology through analysis and research on green building and low-carbon ecological indexes at home and abroad, and based on the urban characteristics and practice experience of Beijing city. In the planning process, this paper considers 20 indexes in four aspects: spatial planning, traffic organization, resource utilization and ecological environment, and the building design process includes 27 indexes in seven aspects, such as building, structure, water supply and drainage, and so on. The indexes in two aspects correspond to each other, and form a complete set of low-carbon ecological and green building index system.

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Jian Hua Wu, Han Shi Lu


In order to solve the problems of crane operating range in blind areas and insufficient weight support of crane for steel structure bubble roof lifting construction, it is a must to design propelling crane on the roof, so that it can move on selected routes, completing the lifting work of steel roofing bubble. Mainly introduce the technical measures and related technical preparation of propelling crane on the roof for steel structure lifting process, to ensure the originality of steel structure during lifting process and safety of construction work,also to guarantee the progress of steel structure lifting work.

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Yun Bing Tang


At this stage, China’s economy develops better and better. The requirement for the construction of urban infrastructure is also getting higher and higher. As the key of the foundation construction, the highway bridge can effectively guarantee the safety of the transportation industry and the development of the future.In the process of highway bridge construction, the construction quality is the key point of the control, high construction quality can maximize the service life of the highway bridge, ensure the safety of the vehicle.Therefore, how to effectively control the construction quality of highway bridges effectively has become the urgent task. In view of this, in this paper, by analyzing the common quality problems of highway bridge, and summed up the reasons affect the construction quality, and find out the corresponding measures to solve the problems, hoping to provide some help for highway and bridge construction.

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Yue Wang, Cheng Hao Li, Xiao Lei Tian


Lightning protection technology is widely used in electrical construction industry by protecting the buildings and its internal electrical infrastructure. Further researches on lightning protection technology are crucial due to the complexity of high-rise building internal electrical design and existence of some problem in current lightning protection technology. Lightning protection system will be more mature along with the development of technology, contributing to better prevention, ensures the safety of people’s lives and reduce the impact of economic loss caused by lightning. This article will focus on the analysis of electrical installations and lightning protection measures of high-rise building for future references.

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Yu Shu Zhang


Currently, many sponge garden engineering are actual to input to construction in China economic rapid development and urbanization process constantly speeding up of situation Xia, but construction completed garden landscape in input using. In the future many performance are cannot meet people of requirements, it is found these fundamental reasons, this phenomenon are garden design is largely associated,so, how effective to processing sponge garden landscape design in the insufficient of at became has social from all walks of life concern of focus. Based on this, this paper will focus on the analysis of sponge city theory and its application in landscape planning, hoping for future practical work plays a certain role.

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Chun Xiu Qin


Due to the constraints on the socio-economic, technology and knowledge during the construction time; the early construction of China’s expressway is focus on dual-way four lane, with lower standard. Recently, the rapid economic growth of China has catalyst the rapid growth on the demand of transportation facility, far exceeding than the forecasted traffic volume obtained through transportation planning project. This resulted the increasing of traffic volume on the transport facility built early years, the stuck of the traffic flow and the decreasing on the level of service. This article takes the expansion project of Guangxi Coastal Expressway as case study; investigate on how to optimize the expansion program. The article could be used as a reference in achieving convenience transport facilities, from both aspect of theoretical and practical.

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Chun Ming Xu


The reasonable design of the temporary support of the continuous girder bridge is a safe guarantee for the smooth closing. According to the characteristics of temporary support of the closed section, the corresponding calculation method is put forward, and then several kinds of temporary support locking devices colmmonly used in engineering practice are discussed. Based on the engineering example, the paper discusses the selection and design of the temporary support form of the construction of the continuous girder bridge. The results show that the transition of the structural system has great influence on the temporary supporting force, and it is feasible to use the external rigid support when the long - span continuous girder bridge decouples the temporary fixed bearing restraint.

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Jian Ren Zhi


The level of urbanization is not high in the small towns and economic development is still the primary goal of such cities. The primary industry and the secondary industry are the main pillars of the industrial structure. The historical and cultural protection and utilization have not been taken seriously. China has thousands of years of splendid history of civilization, while traces of historical accumulation can be easily found in every city. The different characteristics of the historical styles can be seen in many small towns and in tier four and five cities. Dingzhou is located in the middle of Hebei Province with heritage of Zhongshan culture. Dingzhou has rebuilt many times as a capital and set as state government in many generations and dynasties. History of the river in Dingzhou ancient city has played an important role. The structure of the Dingzhou ancient street plays a main function where all the other main cities. Development of Dingzhou City should be taken seriously as the focus of the development of urban culture. This article mainly analyzes and discusses the related aspects of the traditional style protection of the historical streets of the central city of Dingzhou.

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Fang Chen


With urban development, the tourist experience, as well as the travel area function, is becoming more and more diverse at the same time. Since the land use plan involved in tourism region, overall plan for land utilization in national land department, classification of the urban land and urban construct in Shenzhen,belong to different stages of the corresponding regulations and norms, there have been contradictions in convergence with a lack of coordination. In this paper, according to the current changes in tourism, a brief analysis is given on the corresponding land use in the plan and classification as referred above, and also a brief conclusion is presented.

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Fu Yuan Qi, Zhong Ting Jiang


Oil and gas industry has higher standard of safety requirements in production unit due to its high-risk nature of products. Production safety management is the most important component of petroleum project management. With the integration of humanistic management, the smoothness of project operations and the safety of personnel, facilities and products are guaranteed. Therefore, it is necessary to investigate the production safety policies in the aspects of humanistic management. Implementation of production safety and humanistic management protocols can effectively reduce the risk factors; thereby improve economic efficiency of oil and gas companies.


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