Vol 6, No 1 (2022)

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Qiyi Liang, Ma. Visitacion Gumabay


With the development of computer information technology, the information revolution permeates every corner of life. Colleges and universities are the frontiers of information development, and their hardware infrastructure construction is relatively perfect. Due to the large number of people in colleges and universities, the computer room and computer training room equipment are also required. Traditional computer asset management methods are inefficient, especially the management of computer laboratory assets, which is not standardized and difficult to manage and count online. Therefore, we need to develop a set of online computer training rooms asset management system, equipment management, assets input, assets, to solve the online query, asset service, asset leasing, fault statistics, maintenance records, etc., at the same time, through the system specification work of the staff of computer room, computer lab asset management more standardized and efficient.

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Haiting Zhu


In this research, the impact of Airbnb on residential property prices in Adelaide is assessed. Many previous European and American research have connected short-term rental, Airbnb and property market and made conclusion that short-term rentals (STR) are increasing housing prices and rents. However, there is no research about Airbnb and its effects on residential property prices in Adelaide. This research aims to fit this gap and makes Plan SA know more about Airbnb’s effects. This research used multiple linear regression model to examine the Airbnb activity’s effects on housing prices in Greater Adelaide during a specific time period before COVID-19. This regression model has been utilised in 3 Airbnb hotspot suburbs, Adelaide, North Adelaide and Glenelg and 3 adjected suburbs with few Airbnb listings, Thebarton, Prospect and Glengowrie in Greater Adelaide; different results in these 3 pairs suburbs has been employed to understand Airbnb’s different effects in housing prices. According to the results of regression model in different suburbs, Airbnb hotspot areas, have higher R squares and unpopular areas have smaller R squares. Considering coefficients in Airbnb hotspot areas, the number of Airbnb listings can increase housing prices and Airbnb daily can decrease housing prices. However, in unpopular Airbnb areas, R square and sample size are too small to make correlation between Airbnb and housing prices. The further study should
enlarge the size of sample to verify whether there is a correlation between Airbnb and residential property prices in Airbnb unpopular areas.

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Biyou Jiang, Xiaochu Wang


The rapid development of the construction industry has driven the construction of engineering projects in China. However, there are currently many construction projects with budget overruns, resulting in reduced economic benefits of the project. Therefore, this paper elaborates the importance of construction budget of engineering projects, and then proposes the reasons for construction budget overrun of engineering projects: imperfect construction budget plan, lack of supervision in the implementation of construction budget plan, insufficient level of cost management personnel, and construction materials affected by the supply market. Finally, we propose measures to solve the budget overrun of engineering project construction: improve the project construction budget plan, strengthen the supervision of the implementation of the project budget plan, improve the professional skills of budget staff, and stabilize the supply price of construction materials.

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Xiaochu Wang, Biyou Jiang


Agriculture is a fundamental industry in China, contributing to economic and social development and historical progress. Therefore, China has also put forward the strategy of revitalizing the countryside to develop agriculture. And to achieve rural revitalization, rural infrastructure projects must be carried out. This paper elaborates on the development of rural infrastructure projects, and then identifies the current problems in the management of rural infrastructure projects in China: the legal system of project management has not yet been improved, the project management is not standardized, the construction cost, the construction schedule and the project quality are not coordinated, and the bidding is not rigorous enough. Finally, we propose measures to solve the problem: continuously improve the engineering management system, enhance the quality and knowledge of construction personnel, strengthen the safety supervision of rural infrastructure projects, and establish a warranty system for rural infrastructure projects to promote the construction of rural infrastructure projects in China.

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Ziqiang Liu, Bo Xiang, Yunyong He, Bing Li, Haibo Zhou


The paper firstly introduced distribution and adaptability of the debris flow control work in Sichuan.And then it evaluate vulnerability of the Interception Dam according to development and distribution characteristics of debris flow channel, and scope and purpose of engineering measures. On the basis of generation characteristics of debris flow, systematically analyzed the dam location, its condition, characteristics of debris flow, rainfall and earthquake, the overall five first-level factors and the corresponding eight second-level factors, formed a vulnerability assessment system of the Interception Dam project and evaluated the vulnerability by using analytic hierarchy process and fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method to control project, the result showed that the vulnerability of the control project is low, among them, very low vulnerability has 5, low vulnerability has 18, moderate vulnerability has 4. The result shows that the overall operation of the control project is good, with strong protection. Research results provide certain guiding significance for similar engineering vulnerability assessment area.


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