Research on the Management of China's Rural Infrastructure Projects under the Background of Rural Revitalization Strategy

VIEWS - 147 (Abstract) 49 (PDF)
Xiaochu Wang, Biyou Jiang


Agriculture is a fundamental industry in China, contributing to economic and social development and historical progress. Therefore, China has also put forward the strategy of revitalizing the countryside to develop agriculture. And to achieve rural revitalization, rural infrastructure projects must be carried out. This paper elaborates on the development of rural infrastructure projects, and then identifies the current problems in the management of rural infrastructure projects in China: the legal system of project management has not yet been improved, the project management is not standardized, the construction cost, the construction schedule and the project quality are not coordinated, and the bidding is not rigorous enough. Finally, we propose measures to solve the problem: continuously improve the engineering management system, enhance the quality and knowledge of construction personnel, strengthen the safety supervision of rural infrastructure projects, and establish a warranty system for rural infrastructure projects to promote the construction of rural infrastructure projects in China.

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