Application of Fuzzy analytic hierarchy process in vulnerability assessment of debris flow control project

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Ziqiang Liu, Bo Xiang, Yunyong He, Bing Li, Haibo Zhou


The paper firstly introduced distribution and adaptability of the debris flow control work in Sichuan.And then it evaluate vulnerability of the Interception Dam according to development and distribution characteristics of debris flow channel, and scope and purpose of engineering measures. On the basis of generation characteristics of debris flow, systematically analyzed the dam location, its condition, characteristics of debris flow, rainfall and earthquake, the overall five first-level factors and the corresponding eight second-level factors, formed a vulnerability assessment system of the Interception Dam project and evaluated the vulnerability by using analytic hierarchy process and fuzzy comprehensive evaluation method to control project, the result showed that the vulnerability of the control project is low, among them, very low vulnerability has 5, low vulnerability has 18, moderate vulnerability has 4. The result shows that the overall operation of the control project is good, with strong protection. Research results provide certain guiding significance for similar engineering vulnerability assessment area.

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