Vol 5, No 1 (2020)

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Hui Xiang


This paper analyzes the implementation of network optimization technology in communication engineering projects. At present, the network optimization technology in communication engineering projects has certain uncertainty, complexity and timeliness, so relevant personnel can improve the quality of communication engineering projects through cost optimization, time optimization, design optimization, resource optimization and other ways, so as to lay a foundation for the development and progress of social economy.

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li'e Wang


At this stage, with the development of Internet technology, big data has occupied a very important position in people's production and life. The library, as a modern information system, has begun to receive high attention from all walks of life. In this paper, first of all, the challenges and individual needs of Gansu Library under big data are analyzed. Secondly, it combs the structure and process of Gansu Library. Finally, it studies the personalized application of big data mining and decision-making in the library.

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Yuxue Wei


As a basic surveying and mapping work, small uav has been widely used in large scale topographic mapping. According to the needs of production and construction, digital mapping methods and aerial photogrammetry are used to provide technical support for large scale topographic mapping in engineering construction surveying and mapping, urban planning and construction, cadastral surveying and other directions. In order to control the small uav in the terrain elevation information, mapping proportion accuracy and other aspects to get better improvement, the practice of small uav in large scale topographic map is deeply analyzed, in order to understand the practical application value of small uav in large scale topographic map.

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Jianjun Huang


In the era of big data, information technology has been effectively applied in the development of various industries, and library business management is no exception, which provides more quality library services for the people. In the process of the development of public libraries, the management departments need to give full play to the role of big data, note the major data analysis service, integrate this service with social networks, strengthen the management of library business, train the librarians' ability of data analysis, and further promote the development of libraries.

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Caimei Wu


Under the background of Internet, university libraries should make full use of new media technology, try their best to meet readers' personalized reading needs, and actively innovate library service model. By analyzing the current service mode of university libraries, this paper summarizes the innovative measures of university libraries in the digital reading era, which can effectively promote the integrated development of traditional reading and new digital reading.


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