Vol 2, No 4 (2023)

DOI: https://doi.org/10.26789/ijest.v2i12

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Luzhen Shi, Zenglu Liu


This paper studies the higher education in the national economic form change, college students learning state new form, education and industry, education information under the background, for profound theory, experimental equipment expensive, experimental conditions, in the student theory of weak, try to need the education teaching reform direction and reform measures. Among them, the education and teaching reform of microwave technology curriculum was piloted as an example. For the weak theoretical foundation of electromagnetic field and insufficient mathematical foundation, the course adopts the strategy of light theory requirement, heavy phenomenon cognition, and guiding the application of knowledge to practice. Through virtual simulation, the invisible electromagnetic field and electromagnetic wave make it easier for students to understand the knowledge context to form the knowledge system; Through online and offline mixed teaching, stress response teaching, promote students 'participation in classroom teaching, improve students' independent thinking ability and judgment and analysis ability, attract students' attention in classroom learning, and interest in the corresponding knowledge content. And then promote the students' self-study ability, research ability and design ability.

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Ping Li, Shuai Zhao


Today's world is undergoing great changes unseen in a century. As the builders and successors of socialism, it is of great importance for young people to carry out national cultural identity education.As an important teaching materials and teaching content, high school English teaching materials are an important carrier for students' cultural awareness, cultural identity and cultural inheritance education.This article combined with the 2019 edition of high school English teaching material content, in reading, reading, writing, and lecture, for example, this paper expounds the use of teaching material, train students to understand the Chinese excellent traditional culture, revolutionary culture and social advanced culture, so as to realize the development of students' core quality, achieve the highest goal of people cultivation.

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Xinghong Liu, Fei Zhu


As the carrier of moral education, teachers guide students to transform moral education elements into intrinsic qualities and abilities by imparts curriculum knowledge and become qualified successors to the socialist cause. Based on the current situation of ideological and political implementation of practical English courses in hotels under the mixed teaching mode, this paper studies the impact of students, teachers, teaching environment and educational evaluation on the effect of ideological and political teaching of practical English courses in hotels.

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Xinrui Gan


Information teaching is a hot topic in the current education field, and it is also a very real problem. With the rapid development of information technology today, the field of education is also undergoing continuous changes, such as education informatization and teaching reform. As one of the main bodies of vocational education in China, the teachers of secondary vocational schools have also achieved certain results in the deep integration of information technology and teaching. However, it is undeniable that there are still many problems as far as secondary teachers in China are concerned. By analyzing the current status and existing problems of secondary vocational teachers' informatization teaching ability, this paper puts forward corresponding solution strategies, in order to promote the improvement of secondary vocational teachers' informatization teaching ability, and lay a good foundation for promoting the reform and development of secondary vocational education in China and realizing educational modernization.

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Baolian Zhou


This paper deeply investigates the theoretical framework, practical methods, case studies, effect evaluation, challenges, and countermeasures of digital empowerment in accounting education in universities. The research finds that digital empowerment in accounting education in universities has important theoretical and practical value, and it is of great significance for improving teaching quality and cultivating students’ practical ability. However, we should also realize that digital empowerment in accounting education still faces some challenges, such as how to protect students’ privacy and how to ensure teaching quality. Therefore, we need to continue to explore and research in order to better utilize digital empowerment in accounting education.

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Jiaxin Li


In today's era, innovation and entrepreneurship have become an important driving force to promote social progress and development. As a college student in the new era, cultivating financial literacy not only contributes to personal wealth management, but also provides solid support on the road of entrepreneurship in the future. It is crucial for college students to cultivate financial literacy, because innovation and entrepreneurship require comprehensive knowledge and skills. Financial literacy, as an essential part, can help college students better grasp business opportunities, make wise decisions, and effectively manage finances. Through the cultivation of financial literacy, college students can not only improve their personal wealth management ability, but also lay a solid foundation for their future entrepreneurial road. Therefore, universities and society should attach importance to financial literacy education and cultivate more innovative and entrepreneurial talents with financial literacy. This paper will deeply discuss the importance of financial literacy to college students' innovation and entrepreneurship, and put forward corresponding training strategies.

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Ying Xiao, Jiping Tang


In order to reveal the kinematic characteristics of the "push shot" technique in table football, this article analyzes and studies the kinematics of the "push shot" technique in table football using the three-dimensional motion analysis method, conducts experimental measurements of the push shot technique in table football players, and analyzes and studies its kinematic parameters. When completing the entire table football technical movement, the upper limbs need to rotate and cooperate with the vertical axis and coronal axis of the torso, ultimately forming a wrist compression movement to the fingers and wrists. When athletes complete technical movements, whether it is dribbling or shooting, the flexibility of their wrists is extremely high. Therefore, during practice, it is necessary to strengthen the training of the wrist and small muscle groups of the fingers, and pay attention to the practice of instant force application. Both the joints of the upper and lower limbs are very important. Therefore, during athlete training, it is necessary to strengthen the strength of the body's joints.

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Yi-xuan Pei


Through investigation and observation, it is found that most English interpreting courses in China have single teaching methods, insufficient teaching means and classroom feedback. Meanwhile, interpretation teaching is greatly limited by teaching time and space. Reliance on the traditional paper textbook and teacher-centered teaching mode leads to a large number of students' lack of interest and participation, which affects students' professional development over time. Starting from the concept of flipped classroom and combining with the online MOOCs course "Basics of Interpretation" , this study aims to explore the role of blended teaching model in improving traditional interpreting teaching. The practice has proved that the blended teaching mode of "MOOCs + Flipped Classroom" has played a positive role in reforming and enriching traditional interpretation classes, improving teaching mode and content, expanding course duration, and providing effective feedback.


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