Analysis and research on the teaching reform of electromagnetic wave and microwave technology under the background of new business form

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Luzhen Shi, Zenglu Liu


This paper studies the higher education in the national economic form change, college students learning state new form, education and industry, education information under the background, for profound theory, experimental equipment expensive, experimental conditions, in the student theory of weak, try to need the education teaching reform direction and reform measures. Among them, the education and teaching reform of microwave technology curriculum was piloted as an example. For the weak theoretical foundation of electromagnetic field and insufficient mathematical foundation, the course adopts the strategy of light theory requirement, heavy phenomenon cognition, and guiding the application of knowledge to practice. Through virtual simulation, the invisible electromagnetic field and electromagnetic wave make it easier for students to understand the knowledge context to form the knowledge system; Through online and offline mixed teaching, stress response teaching, promote students 'participation in classroom teaching, improve students' independent thinking ability and judgment and analysis ability, attract students' attention in classroom learning, and interest in the corresponding knowledge content. And then promote the students' self-study ability, research ability and design ability.

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