Vol 2, No 3 (2023)

DOI: https://doi.org/10.26789/ijest.v2i3

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Min Ding


This article in the “introduction to customs management” in the “customs management functions” of the teaching content as the carrier, the PBL teaching method and ideological and political education depth fusion, explore the course ideological and political education design and implementation, cultivate students good professional ethics, law-abiding and law enforcement consciousness, stimulate students enthusiasm for the profession and Chinese feelings, enhance their loyalty to the Customs, social sense of responsibility, so as to fulfill the corresponding international obligations.

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Xiaojiao Ao


This study aims to explore the main reasons why students in higher vocational colleges are tired of studying and the countermeasures to solve this problem. Through in-depth analysis, we found that factors such as students themselves, school education, family education and social environment are the main reasons why students in higher vocational colleges are tired of studying. To deal with this challenge, this study proposes the following countermeasures: first, improve students' subjective initiative and internal drive, and stimulate their interest and motivation in learning; second, create a good school atmosphere, including improving teaching quality, providing psychological support and Establish an academic exchange platform; strengthen family education and cultivate students' positive learning attitudes and values; finally, optimize the social environment and focus on solving students' employment problems to reduce their life pressure. The comprehensive implementation of these countermeasures is expected to help students in higher vocational colleges become more actively involved in learning and improve their academic achievements and comprehensive literacy.

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Qi Wang, Jiping Tang, Jie Zhang


Physical education teaching methods run through the entire teaching process and have a significant impact on the quality of physical education teaching. Appropriate teaching methods have a multiplier effect on teaching quality. Scholars such as Jin Qinchang, Wu Zhichao, and Mao Zhenming have provided different definitions of "physical education teaching methods", but the core is centered around teachers' teaching and students' learning. The article summarizes the teaching methods used in the basketball elective class of Hunan Agricultural University for one semester, including language method, complete method and decomposition method, game method and competition method, hierarchical teaching method, and self-learning method, in order to explore suitable teaching methods for basketball classrooms.

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Ye Mei


Education practice is a scientific way to realize the core professional quality of vocational college students characterized by professional attributes and era implication; Sort out and disclose the connotation and representation dimension of professional core quality of vocational students in the new era; Build the "four platforms+four modules" practical teaching and education model, track and evaluate the effect through the whole process based on the data platform, and provide reference and inspiration for the cultivation practice of vocational students' professional core literacy.

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Lina Zhou


In recent years, the education concept of "natural ecology" has been continuously deepened into the kindergarten education. Teachers will combine the existing experience of children and carry out planting activities according to the environmental conditions of the kindergarten, so that children can understand and feel the nature in the planting. Planting activities make the "ecological education concept" constantly specific and in-depth, it can be seen that planting activities have a huge educational effect on the growth of children. Mr.Tao Xingzhi once put forward the theory of "life education", and natural life is the best teacher for children. In natural life, small flowers and ants on the ground, to all kinds of trees, have become the object of children's exploration and discovery. These things closely related to life greatly mobilize the children's desire to explore operational learning. At the same time, through the life of learning content to trigger children's interest in learning, actively hands-on participation, and experience the whole process of exploration.

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Xiao Liang, Yan Chen, Dezhen Si


The history of ancient Chinese mathematics once had its own brilliant chapter, and the discovery of Yanghui Triangle is a very wonderful page. The Yanghui Triangle was discovered by the ancient Chinese mathematician Jia Xian in the 11th century and quoted by the mathematician Yang Hui in his book of the Southern Song Dynasty, so that we can understand Jia Xian's great contribution to mathematics today. "Yanghui Triangle" has always been a very interesting part of middle school mathematics learning. Through training students' understanding of "Yanghui Triangle", students can have stronger thinking ability of combination of number and form. This paper breaks away from the traditional research content of the coefficients of "Yanghui triangle", innovatively studies the relationship between Yanghui triangle and polynomial expansions, and proposes a method to quickly determine the final number of polynomial expansions under different powers.

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Chunyu Yu


In the context of the rapid development of the Internet, online games have developed rapidly in recent years, and teenagers have gradually become the main force of online games. Online games have a certain negative impact on the development of young people. The violence and other negative elements in online games and the high simulation of games will weaken the self-control of young players and lead them to the road of crime. In order to further reduce the negative impact of online games on teenagers, game design and operation, home school social ethics education, legal regulations and other different perspectives, Put forward some suggestions on the rationality of the development of characters and scenes of online games, the market standard operation of audit operators, and the correct attitude and moral education of teenagers towards online games. Publicize and promote positive energy so that teenagers can relax in online games at the same time, they can increase their knowledge and develop correct world outlook, outlook on life and values.


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