Research on the countermeasures of students' weariness in higher vocational colleges

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Xiaojiao Ao


This study aims to explore the main reasons why students in higher vocational colleges are tired of studying and the countermeasures to solve this problem. Through in-depth analysis, we found that factors such as students themselves, school education, family education and social environment are the main reasons why students in higher vocational colleges are tired of studying. To deal with this challenge, this study proposes the following countermeasures: first, improve students' subjective initiative and internal drive, and stimulate their interest and motivation in learning; second, create a good school atmosphere, including improving teaching quality, providing psychological support and Establish an academic exchange platform; strengthen family education and cultivate students' positive learning attitudes and values; finally, optimize the social environment and focus on solving students' employment problems to reduce their life pressure. The comprehensive implementation of these countermeasures is expected to help students in higher vocational colleges become more actively involved in learning and improve their academic achievements and comprehensive literacy.


Higher vocational colleges; School atmosphere; School education

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