A Study of Discourse Interaction in the Perspective of Intercultural Communication

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Junfeng Shi


Dedicated to in-depth analysis of the complexity and uniqueness of discourse interaction in crosscultural communication environments, the study focuses on exploring the patterns of discourse exchange between individuals in different cultural contexts, key influencing factors and how these factors work together to achieve crosscultural understanding and communication, and reveals the core mechanisms for achieving effective cross-cultural communication by comprehensively analysing the specific influences of cultural differences, discursive power structures and situational contexts on discourse interactions. The core mechanism of effective intercultural communication is revealed. The results of the study emphasise that a deep understanding of cultural differences, knowledge of discourse power structures and a sensitive grasp of communication contexts play a crucial role in promoting in-depth communication and understanding between individuals in different cultural contexts, and further point out that the quality and efficiency of cross-cultural communication can be significantly improved by optimising the discourse interaction strategies, thus promoting cultural integration and mutual understanding on a global scale. The conclusions of the study provide new perspectives and in-depth insights for practical and theoretical research in the field of intercultural communication.


Intercultural communication; Discourse interaction; Cultural differences; Communication effectiveness; Contextual understanding

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.26789/ijest.v3i1.1834


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